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The end of snowbird season doesn’t mean an end to opportunities to engage with the arts
at the Alliance. Here’s a collection of upcoming exhibitions and exciting opportunities for
local artists!        

Current Exhibition: Bits and Pieces: The Realm of Creation
On display until June 9 • Since early 2020, Hodge has been drawn to the mysterious
inner mechanics of artistic creation in a series of new works which are reflections of
how the cerebral cortex of our brain uniquely synthesizes bits and pieces of memory
and along with our imagination creates meaning in paintings that contain a unique
shorthand of colored marks, shapes, and forms. This new visual language reflects how
this artist creates deep and profound meaning in abstract works of art.  
In the Theatre Lobby: “Techniques” by Barbara Yeomans  
In the Member Gallery: Lee County Art Educators
Upcoming Exhibition: Joan Sonnenberg: A Retrospective
Opening Reception: June 16, 5-7pm • Interested in geometric patterns achieved
through multiple reverse etching processes, Joan superimposes and stacks up to
ten images on top of each other until it becomes a complex montage of lines,
shapes, and patterns. She strives to alter and combine abstraction with realism;
capturing marks made over time through human intervention; the mundane, decaying
worn objects, dumpsters, wall graffiti. She also portrays street people, each embedded
with stories to tell. She strives to convey the harmonious coexistence of abstraction
and realism, transcending and encompassing both doctrines.  
In the Theatre Lobby: Christian De Jesus    

Storm Stories: A Juried Exhibition, Submissions Open June 1
We believe in the healing power of art. In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, we have
seen a great need for healing in our community. We are asking artists to create artwork
about their experiences during or after the storm in any capacity. It may be stories of
resilience or trauma or loss. It can evoke a wide range of emotions. It is meant to be
cathartic and therapeutic and shareable, something everyone can relate to in some way.  

Artists may submit 1 – 3 pieces for consideration for this exhibition. There is no entry
fee. We encourage artists to submit 2D and 3D artwork using found objects and recycled
materials collected after Hurricane Ian. Alternatively, we ask artists to submit artwork
expressing their experiences during and after Hurricane Ian. All media will be accepted,
such as paint, collage, photo, drawing, print, etc. Only original artwork will be accepted.
No giclée.  

All entries must be submitted online no later than August 7 at 5pm.
Exhibition will display September 1-30, 2023.  

Download the Prospectus →             Call for Mural Proposals!
The Alliance for the Arts is launching the Bloom & Wallace Digital Arts Lab – the first
of its kind in Lee County – providing opportunities for the public of all ages and abilities
to explore and hone skills in writing, filmmaking, podcasting, digital design, computer
generated paintings, photography, digitally created music, e-books, 3D design, editing
and other creative applications.   The Alliance for the Arts will commission an artist or
artist group to paint a mural in the new Digital Lab. Artists are being asked to submit
proposals for a mural to be painted in the front corner of the Lab, approximately 9ft
wide to be completed in July 2023. The selected artist will be awarded a stipend of
$1,000 for completion of the mural.   Deadline to submit a proposal: June 26, 2023.  

Download the Prospectus →         Call to Fiber Artists!

Inside the Claiborne & Ned Foulds Theatre are 6 noise canceling panels,
roughly 4’x4.5’ (exact sizes can be provided upon request). The Alliance
for the Arts is asking up to 6 fiber artists to create new covers for the panels.  

Submissions accepted on rolling basis. Email your submission to
Emily at  

Download the Prospectus →         Display Your Art at Palm City Brewing
We are looking for 3-4 artists to display art at Palm City Brewing as part of an ongoing
partnership between PCB and the Alliance. They are looking for Florida/beach themed
artwork to decorate their walls. The work will be on display for 3-4 months inside their
brewery.   The work must be for sale. Sales will be processed through the Alliance for
the Arts and will be subject to our standard 40% commission with 60% of the sale price
going to the artist. If a piece sells, artists will be invited to replace it with another piece.
Email if you are interested in participating.    

Artist Studio Tours 2023
After a few eventful years which prevented the event from happening, the Alliance for the
Arts is once again kicking off our beloved Artist Studio Tours! This event will take visitors
on a self-guided tour of the studios and creative spaces of artists all over our community.
The Alliance is seeking up to 10 artists interested in opening up their art studios to visitors
in September of this year. There is no cost to participating artists and artists are welcome to
sell their work to visitors with no commission split. If you are interested in participating,
please email with a bio or artist statement, images of your studio
or workspace, and up to 3 images of your artwork.
Alliance for the Arts • 239-939-2787 • 10091 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers
Membership • Donate • Classes • Exhibits • Theatre • Digital Arts Lab


Janet & Bruce Bunch · The Claiborne & Ned Foulds Foundation
Leigh Frizzell Hayes · Mary Lou & Richard Helms
Meisenberg Family Trust · Jon & Megan Romine · Arthur Zupko  

And incredible people like you!  
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