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October 16th- October 23rd, 2023  

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Fine Art Acrylics – Plein Air Painting
(Ages 18+)  

October 17th – November 13th
9:30AM – 12:00PM  

Join artist Marilyn Hedlund for an indoor/outdoor in-person plein air
painting class where nature will be your guide. Each class will begin
indoors, with the option of moving outdoors for painting. Learn to use
landscapes or seascapes as the basis for a painting. Your paintings will
be impressionistic in the style of Monet and the other Impressionists.  

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Neurographica (Ages 13+) All Levels

October 17th
6:00PM – 8:00PM  

Neurographica® is a method that enables you to change your perception
of yourself and your surroundings by using drawing techniques. It was
developed in 2014 by Pavel Piskarev, a Russian Psychologist. This 2 hour
workshop introduces you to, and allows you to explore the process.  

Experience positive changes in your life through drawing, using the
Neurographica® method. This process provides a way to express your
feelings and make your dreams a reality. This month’s piece is called
Shamanic Rain.  

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Art Seekers: Pre – K

October 18th
10:00AM – 10:30AM  

Looking for the perfect way to introduce your Pre-K child to visual arts?
This once a month class is perfect!
Age 3-5 yr old children (who have not started Kindergarten) will
discover fun ways to create process art.  


Process Art is art that is child-directed, choice-driven, and celebrates the
experience of discovery. Therefore, the artwork is always unique and the
focus lies in the creation of the work, not the final product. (cited from)
Space is limited so register today!  

This month we will be painting mini pumpkins. All supplies provided  

This is NOT a drop off class. Parents must stay for this class.  

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Fine Art Acrylics (Ages 18+)

5 Wednesdays
October 18th – November 15th
9:30AM – 12:00PM  

In this critique based class student’s artwork and ideas will be shared
freely. Each class begins and ends with a group critique session. In between
group sessions students work at individual stations at their own pace. Each
student will receive one-on-one guidance from the instructor. Inspiration
comes through sharing ideas, the stimulating critiques and challenging
assignments. Lecture/demos cover areas such as composition, form, color
and contrast.  

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Beginning Belly Dance (Ages 18+)  

6 Wednesdays
October 18th – November 22nd
6:15PM – 7:15PM

Have fun learning the ancient art and modern styles of this dynamic dance!
Belly Dancing is a naturally low impact activity that improves posture, core
strength, flexibility and the mind-body connection. Adults will learn the basic
moves, steps and rhythms that are applicable to either traditional or tribal
styles of Belly Dance in this course with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean
Danse Orientale Award recipient Sherry Coffey! No experience necessary.   

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Intro to Tribal Belly Dance (Ages 18+)

6 Wednesdays
October 18th – November 22nd
6:15PM – 7:15PM  

Welcome to the world of Tribal Belly Dance! We will be exploring basic
Global Caravan movements, steps and combos and their applications to
group improvisational dance. Suitable for Beginners looking for a faster-
paced class as well as more experienced dancers wishing to learn this
format. Join Global Caravan Dance Company member and certified
instructor Sherry Coffey for connection and fun!

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Workshop Series: Getting your Art into Retail Environments

Workshop 2: Transforming your Art into a Product Line  

October 18th
6:30PM – 9:00PM  

Transforming Your Art into A Product Line is geared toward helping artists
think of their art as unique, desirable, and profitable wholesale products.
Topics covered include product ideas, how to source supplies and services,
and pricing for profit. Samples of your work/style will be requested a week
before the workshop. Those who attended the first workshop will have an
opportunity to receive feedback/suggestions on product direction. Please
note: depending on the size of the workshop, not everyone will get feedback,
but you will benefit from those that did.

This class is part of an online series. Sign up for individual, or all three.

All classes will take place via Zoom.   

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Creative Studio For Teens (Ages 12 – 18)
October 19th
6:00PM – 8:00PM  

Grab your friends and join us for this awesome creative opportunity!
Each month we will meet to explore a new medium with
Instructor/Artist Terry Lynn Spry. Terry Lynn will lead us in a specific
project incorporating a variety of supplies, or you can bring your own
piece/portfolio to work on, in this creative, supportive environment.  

In October we’ll paint Landscapes with a focus on perspective. Bring a
photo of landscape and Terry Lynn will teach you techniques to create a
special painting.  

Project supplies will be provided for this class for a $5 supply fee,
due at the beginning of class.  

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Qigong Excercise (Ages 18+)  

8 Fridays
October 20th – December 8th
10:00AM – 11AM  

“There is no drug or treatment that can match the body’s astonishing capability
to heal itself”  

The Chinese word Qigong (chee-kung) means energy work and it is a
highly effective ancient healing therapy that utilizes the mind and
body’s Qi (energy) for improved health and longevity.  

Instructor Nancy Mayhew has studied the art of Qigong for over 15 years.
In this weekly class you’ll learn simple, effective exercises that will help
you relieve pain and rebuild strength and flexibility. Qigong can help improve
bodily functions such as digestive, nervous and immune systems. And best of
all, anyone can do it! Nancy says that in her 17 years as a personal trainer she
has never seen anything like Qigong to help her students “reverse the clock”
and become physically “younger”.!  

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Art-Tini Nights
October 20th
6:00PM – 9:00PM  

Art-Tini Night was so popular this summer that we’re bringing it back for the fall!  

Join the Alliance every 2nd Friday of the month as we get your creative
juices flowing with craft cocktails. Each class will feature a different art
project and 3 tasty ‘Tinis per participant. In October we’ll be using acrylic
paint to create a seasonal pumpkin scene. This class is perfect for a Girls
Night Out, a fun date night or a just a great way to wind down after a busy

All Supplies provided

This class is for those 21 and over only  

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Art Seekers: 4th – 6th
October 20th
10:AM – 11:30AM  

New and Improved day-time youth art classes!
Whether your child is home-schooled, an online learner, or simply on a
school break, join us for these monthly, age appropriate art classes.
Students will discover and practice with different mediums, learn about
a variety of styles and have fun creating with their peers!  

This month we will create masks.  

All supplies provided  

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Watercolor Painting (Ages 16+ Beginner Pro)
6 Saturdays
October 21st – November 25th
9:30AM – 12:30PM  

Enjoy being creative with transparent watercolors
Linda’s hands-on teaching technique allows you to create
along with her in the classroom. Learn something new or
refresh your skills. You will learn brush techniques, color
theory, perspective, gradients, and composition. Each week
is a new lesson complete with reference handouts. You will
learn tricks that aren’t in the book and secrets for a successful

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Painting on Canvas Project: Halloween Cats
(Ages 18+ Beginner – Intermediate)
October 21st
9:30AM – 12:30PM  

Cool Cats Dig Halloween!  

Join Instructor/Artist Pat Smelkoff as she guides you
thru creating this adorable canvas bag, just in time for

All Supplies Provided  

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Intro to Digital Arts
October 21st
10:AM – 12:00PM  

Learn how to create characters, creatures, and environments using
the power of digital editing tools like Photoshop and Procreate.
We’ll go over the basics and tools of the types of software;
different techniques of creating art; and how to apply everything
to your own digital art. Whether you’re brand new to the world of
digital art or wanting to dive back in, this course is perfect for
honing your skills towards a new medium of making art!  

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