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FORT MYERS, FL (May 13, 2023) – The Laboratory Theater of Florida will present the world premiere of Mark Harvey Levine’s Save Hamlet from June 2nd to Ju 24th.

In this joke-packed spoof of Shakespeare’s most famous play, Hamlet’s friends fight against evil kings, the narrative, and giant pool noodles to Save Hamlet!                                                                                

In addition to the prestige of being a world premiere, this show was a runner-up for the 2022 Louise Wigglesworth Excellence in Playwriting Award. 

Artistic Director Annette Trossbach says, “Hamlet is the second-most analyzed and criticized piece of literature in the Western world. Even people who have not read it recognize quotes and scenarios because they’ve been in our cultural consciousness for 400 years. Furthermore, it’s June, the month of Lab Theater parodies. This show so delightfully turns everything on its head with fast-paced silliness that audiences will be giggling all the way through. And our version does not feature the poison-tipped swords – so bring the entire family!”

Director Madelaine Weymouth says, “Love it or leave it, Hamlet is one of the most famous plays of all time. I got away with pretending to read it my senior year in high school, and then promptly had to read it for real once I was a freshman in college. And then again as a junior in college. And it holds a very special place in my heart, but Save Hamlet makes all the fun easier for today’s audiences to enjoy.”

Mark Harvey Levine, a finalist of our New Play Contest in 2022, has written a goofy, charming, laugh-a-minute comedy that is funny even if you don’t know the difference between “where” and “wherefore.” Our ensemble of leading ladies really get to shine and show the true range of their unique styles of humor. I love the quick changes, the pool noodles, the hiding behind arrases, everything! And if you are a fan of Hamlet, how Levine dances around the plot for maximum laughs is uniquely clever. But, of course, brevity is the soul of wit, so I’ll end with the hope that you enjoy the show!”

Steven Coe as Hamlet. (Photo courtesy of Sisk Media)

Save Hamlet is directed by Madelaine Weymouth, and features Steven Coe (Hamlet), Chloe Elliott-Chan (Bernadette), Ariana Millan (Francesca)., Jania Boucher (Marcela), Guinevere Bortnicker Kiniry (Horatia), Gerrie Benzing (Gertrude), Eileen Little (Ophelia), Hanna Atkinson (Fortinbras), Terry Lavy (Ghost), Art Keen (Claudius), David Cooley (Laertes), Rick Sebastian (Polonius), Daniel Sabiston (Rosencrantz), Mark King (Guildenstern), and Zach Hendra (Osric/Voltemand). 

Chloe Elliott-Chan (Bernadette, Jania Boucher (Marcella), Guinevere Bortnicker Kiniry (Horatia), Eileen Little (Ophelia), and Ariana Millan (Francesca) watch the hilarity from behind the arras (photo courtesy of Sisk Media, LLC)

This show opens the theater’s summer season and is included in the season pass, which is currently on sale.

While this play is rated for all ages, it does have some raunchy humor.


Performance dates:

June 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 24 at 8 pm

June 4, 11, 18  at 2 pm

Special Events: 

May 31, June 1             at 8 pm    Half-price preview night.

June 3              at 8 pm    Teens get a free ticket to the performance (reservations required.)

June 22             at 8 pm Sensory Friendly Performance (more information and guidelines on the website) 

Tickets are $35 each or $10 for students with valid student IDs. There are half-priced previews on June 1st and 2nd, and there is a new Thursday night special ticket price of $27 each for adults. For tickets, please call the box office at 239.218.0481 or online at



Photography and videography of this production are strictly prohibited.

Thank you for your cooperation and your support of The Laboratory Theater of Florida.


ABOUT THE LABORATORY THEATER OF FLORIDA The Laboratory Theater of Florida, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is dedicated to the promotion of the performing arts, through live performance, education, community outreach, experimentation, and the development of ensemble work. The company features ensemble productions, produces classic works, takes artistic risks, which both feature and challenge local performers. For more information, visit or the physical location at 1634 Woodford Avenue, in the Fort Myers River District.

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