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U.S. Small Business Administration/SBA South Florida District Office
Loyalty Programs: Why? How?  –  May 9  12 noon
Customers love to receive special perks for their patronage: think of Amazon Prime free shipping, Starbucks free drinks, CVS coupons, and Target gift cards with purchase. Even Jiffy Lube and Goodyear have loyalty rewards for their car services.
Marketing directly to your customers can maximize your impact, driving customer referrals and increasing the total amount your customers spend on your product or service. 
How can a loyalty program help your business? Learn: How well-known brands craft successful loyalty programs.Steps to implement your loyalty program.Various methods to determine point values and best practices for redeeming rewards.The benefits Loyalty Programs: Why? How? | SCORE

AI Uses for Small Businesses  –  May 9   12:30 pm
Chat GPT and the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making headlines lately, but you may be wondering…  how can you as a small business owner benefit from this new technology?   
Join weVENTURE WBC and a panel of small business owners to learn some real-world use cases and best practices on how to leverage AI to be more efficient and creative.  In this session, you will watch live demonstrations and be able to ask questions from experienced technologists and entrepreneurs.  
The future is unfolding before us in real time, so register today to learn how to apply AI to your business. 
AI Uses for Small Businesses (

The Profit Playbook: How to Get Sales Day 1  –  May 9   6 pm
You can create a business plan that gets you sales on day 1. In this workshop, Alexander Nouveau from will teach you: What you should be doing right now to get a stampede of new customers that pay, stay, and refer.  The most expensive mistakes business owners are making and how to avoid them completely.  How to structure your business in a way where you attract your best customers and repel the folks you really don’t want to work with. How to design your business if you want to make over 7-figures ($1,000,000+) in revenue.  How to stand out from the competition by creating an offer so good that customers would feel silly saying no to it.  The Profit Playbook: How to Get Sales Day 1 | SCORE

2023 Business Awards Celebration Luncheon  –  May 10   11:30 am
On May 10, 2023, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) will join the Florida SBDC at USF, celebrating National Small Business Week, and recognizing area businesses at the 2023 Florida SBDC at USF Business Awards Luncheon. The 2023 Business Awards Luncheon recognizes Florida SBDC at USF and U.S. SBA business award winners for their work during 2022. In addition, Florida SBDC at USF team members are recognized for their outstanding work.
2023 Business Awards Celebration Luncheon | U.S. Small Business Administration (

ORIENTATION TO FUNDING  –  May 10   11:30 am
This Workshop is Mandatory for business owners who need
to move their idea or business to the next level 
Info will be provided on types of funding and their use, documents required to apply for funding, incl. Business Plan Template, 5 page PowerPoint Presentation and Next Steps to Move Forward 
May 10 Orientation to Funding (

Start Up, Start Right Webinar  –  May 10   6:30 pm
During this Small Business Certificate Series we will offer trainings from highly trained business experts! During these workshops, companies will learn: Steps to successfully start and grow a business Review of key financial concepts for small businesses How to start doing business with the government Learn successful marketing strategies to grow your business Gain insights from the lender’s perspective and steps you can take today to make your business more bankable Overview ⋮ Start Up, Start Right! ⋮ Blackthorn ⋮ Events
Start Up, Start Right Webinar (

Show me the money – Financing Options for Small Business  –  May 11   12 noon
This class discusses the multiple sources of capital for starting and growing a small business. The pros and cons of the funding sources are reviewed. Topics to be discussed include familiar options such as self-financing, funding from friends & family, and partnerships. Other sources are reviewed such as:• Small Business Loans• SBA Loan Guaranty Program• MicroloansSome less conventional financing sources along with their pros and cons are also discussed, including selling equity (shares), venture capital, angel investors, and crowd funding.
Show me the money – Financing options for your small business Tickets | Eventbrite

How The Better Business Bureau Helps Businesses  –  May 11   12 noon
What you will learn:
 Is BBB relevant to consumers?
     How does BBB support businesses?
        How can my business benefit from BBB Accreditation
How The Better Business Bureau Helps Businesses | U.S. Small Business Administration (

Using Information Technology to Run and Grow Your Business  –  May 11  12 noon
Information technology can be simple or complex, but as your company grows, so will your IT needs. Companies often start simple: setting up a website and social media accounts, using Google Apps, sending emails and running cybersecurity programs to prevent viruses. Growing companies will quickly need to address more complex issues, such as identifying the right infrastructure that allows your data to flow from one program to another and incorporating solutions for future growth. 
Are you focused on supporting the tools that help run your business or are you actually running and growing your business? Leveraging the right IT tools can help you successfully move forward. After discussing the various levels of IT, see online demos of different computer programs to help you identify solutions for both your present and future IT needs as your company grows. 
Using Information Technology to Run and Grow Your Business | SCORE

Social Media for Your Small Business  –  May 12   10 am
You know Social Media is important, but you might not know exactly why and more importantly, how it can help your business. In this workshop, you will learn why your business should be on social media and get key data about each platform in order to help you determine where you should focus your efforts. You will also leave with tips and best practices to help get you started!
If you don’t have a social media presence for your business or just getting started and are not sure what you should be doing exactly, this workshop is for you!
Here is what you will get out of this workshop: Knowledge of the different social media platforms Help understand which social media your small business should use Ideas on how to start your social media strategy Social Media best practices (with a focus on Facebook and Instagram) We will make sure to answer any other questions you have about your social media strategy. So register, write all of your questions down, and see you soon to get your social media off the ground!
Social Media for your Small Business | SCORE

Workshops & Business Resources Expo  –  May 13  8 am
Annual event for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Workshops on advertising, social media marketing, finance, using Google Tools, protecting your intellectual property. Resource Exposition to meet with local resources that provide funding, certifications, grants, funding, business education. 
Small Business Workshop (16 in total), live, with local agencies and businesses to provide marketing, management and financial guidance to small business owners or those interested in starting a small business. Leverage your Small, Minority, or Women Owned Business – Finance your Business – Social Media Marketing – Google Tools to standout online – Protect your Intellectual Property.
Workshops & Business Resources Expo | SCORE

Miami-Dade Business Navigator Info Session  –  May 15   1 pm
If your business is located in Miami-Dade County and is majority-owned by a woman, veteran or socially and economically disadvantaged individual, make sure to log on to this info session.
The Miami-Dade Business Navigator (MDBN) program is an exciting new local initiative funded, in part, through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The program brings together seven local groups working to expand their reach and support small and micro-businesses like yours.
Register TODAY and learn how you can access one-on-one consulting, training, business information and resources from your Business Navigators.
Miami-Dade Business Navigator Info Session (

Cyber Security – Lessons From the Criminal Underground  –  May 15    6 pm
Learn how to prevent and protect from data loss and data leakage resulting from cyber threats. At the end of the course, participants will have multiple, actionable steps to both recognize attacks as well as new behaviors that will thwart attacks.
Cyber Security – Lessons From the Criminal Underground | SCORE

DIVAS IN THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY  –  May 16   9:30 am Help clients to understand the “industry” Identify profitability Determine how to get a “slice of the pie” Develop & manage successful businesses DIVAS IN THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY | U.S. Small Business Administration (

Protecting Your Business from Fraud  –  May 16   12 noon
More than 70% of organizations were targets of payment fraud in 2021*. Of these, about 30% lost over $250,000. How can you protect your business from fraud?
 Presented by First Citizens Bank, this webinar will discuss key points to preventing fraud, including:
– Fraud response time
– Fraud types, including email and ransomware
– Red flags to look out for
– Monitoring your business credit score and protecting your credit
Protecting Your Business from Fraud | SCORE

Reading Financial Statements  –  May 4  12 Noon
Is your business making money? You have money in the bank, so it must be true. This is the number one myth regarding understanding your financial statements.  
A company’s financial statements provide financial information that investors, creditors and analysts use to evaluate a company’s financial performance. Your company’s financial statements are important tools to communicate past successes and future expectations. Financial statements provide a snapshot of a business’s financial health, giving insight into its performance, operations, and cash flow. Financial statements are essential, as they provide information about a company’s revenue, expenses, profitability, and debt.
Reading Financial Statements | SCORE

ORIENTATION TO FUNDING  –   May 17   11:30 am
This Workshop is Mandatory for business owners who need
to move their idea or business to the next level 
Info will be provided on types of funding and their use, documents required to apply for funding, incl. Business Plan Template, 5 page PowerPoint Presentation and Next Steps to Move Forward 
May 17 Orientation to Funding (

Managing Human Resources in 2023  –  May 17    12 noon
It’s critical to protect your company and yourself as an employer, whether you are about to hire your first employee or have 50 employees, by creating and developing strong human resource procedures. 
Whether you are a small business owner, human resources manager or office manager, this seminar will address five critical HR issues that all employers face: Employee Handbook and Documentation Onboarding Employees Effectively Discipline and Termination Safely Employee Performance and Documentation 2021 Compliance, Safety and OSHA Managing Human Resources in 2023 | SCORE

From Burger King to Real Estate Queen  –  May 17   12 noon
How did a teenager, arriving from Guatemala, go from being a cook at Burger King, starting a house cleaning business, to becoming the head of a real estate empire? Attend this webinar and she will share with you the secrets of her success that you can apply to your business.
From Burger King to Real Estate Queen | SCORE
Managing Cash Flow  –  May 18   1 pm
As a small business owner, it is important to know how much cash is moving in and out of your business. You need to think ahead in order to meet financial obligations and run a profitable business on a long-term basis. This class introduces some basic cash flow concepts that can get you started.
After completing this module, you will be able to:
• Describe the purpose of cash flow management in a start-up small business.
• Assess a cash flow cycle and make some cash flow projections.
• Describe how a cash flow statement can help assess and improve the financial health of a start-up.
• Identify some ways to manage cash flow in terms of managing costs and potential income.
• Identify ways to seek out expert technical assistance to improve cash flow management.
Managing Cash Flow with Lonnie Koyama, SBA (

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