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The video and still photographs depicting loss of life and property, from natural disasters around the globe, are devastating and heartbreaking…especially to those in Southwest Florida who recently experienced the decimation brought on by Hurricane Ian.

While an immeasurable number of volunteers and relief agencies tirelessly and selflessly work to help those in need, catastrophe and misfortune bring scammers and fraudsters to the surface.

Reports of fraudulent email and text messages are already being reported, to no one’s surprise, across the nation.

Fraudulent “Go Fund Me” accounts, and credible-sounding relief agencies, spring up immediately following these catastrophic events. While some may be reputable and may have good intentions, many are deceitful and dishonest.

Should you elect to make a financial donation, please ensure that your funds will be used as intended.

There are numerous reputable agencies working to assist the victims of the deadly and horrific wildfires, flooding and severe storms.

It is recommended that one invests a bit of time researching the relief agency to which one is considering donating to.  Gather information regarding the intended use of donated funds and verify that the agency has experience in disaster relief.

Agencies verified by the Better Business Bureau Standards for Charity Accountability can be viewed by visiting

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