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March 2024 News


Understanding Taxes Within a Redevelopment Area:
No Increase, Just Reinvestment    

Living in a community redevelopment area often prompts questions about potential
tax increases. However, the answer is clear: residing within a redevelopment area
does not lead to higher taxes. This article aims to demystify the concept of tax base,
base year value, increment revenue, and how the Community Redevelopment Agency
(Agency) utilize these tools for community improvement without additional taxpayer

The Base Year Explained:   

The tax base refers to the total value of all taxable property within a specific area, like
a city, county or redevelopment area. The base year value serves as the foundation for
calculating increment revenue. The base year value is the difference in values between
ad valorem revenues in the current year and revenues calculated when the trust fund
was established.    

Increment Financing: Investing in Growth
Redevelopment areas are designated for investment and development to create a more
vibrant and prosperous community. To achieve these goals, the Agency captures the in-
crease in property tax revenue generated by the rising property values within the area
after its designation as a redevelopment area. This incremental increase in revenues
fuels the agency’s initiatives.   

Increment Revenues: Putting Growth Back into the Community 
The increased tax revenue collected isn’t simply mixed with the general funds. Instead,
it’s channeled into a special trust fund specifically for the redevelopment area.    

Read the entire article      

CRA Board Updates    

CRA Board Meetings  
-9:00 a.m.
-4th Wednesday of each month  

Agendas & Minutes  
Agendas are available
prior to the meetings.
Minutes are available
following approval.

-Neat things to know: All of our public
meetings are videotaped and archived?
Check out any of the CRAs Advisory
Board or Board of Commissioner
Meetings here. The archive goes all
the way back to 2014!    


Stay safe on Cleveland Avenue!
Did you know about the Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons (RRFBs)
in our Cleveland Redevelopment Area? These flashing yellow lights help
pedestrians cross the street safely.

Here’s how they work:
Pedestrians: Press the button to activate the beacon.
Drivers: When the beacon flashes yellow, you MUST STOP to allow
pedestrians to cross.

Remember: Never step into the crosswalk until drivers have come to a
complete stop.

Together, let’s keep our streets safe for everyone!

Revitalize your property, enhance your curb appeal,
and attract more customers with the Fort Myers CRA’s
Commercial Property Improvement Matching Grant
(CPIMG) program! Apply Today!

*Remaining funds by CRA district:  
Cleveland CRA: $383,399.49
Dr. MLK CRA: $279,549.23
Downtown CRA: $402,884.80
Cleveland Signage Program: $493,790.00   

Limited funds available. Don’t miss out!
>> Read more about the grant program

Join the CRA at the Edison Awards!
Join us for this FREE event for Edison Awards Day featuring the talented
Ben Allen Band ! Visit the Innovators Showcase, see live demonstrations
of new technology, view exhibitions from innovators and get ready to
groove to dynamic country tunes! This is an afternoon filled with great
music and exciting new technology. Don’t miss out on this fantastic
opportunity to see the Ben Allen Band live! Click here for more info
about this free event or to register for the entire 3 days!        

Imagine a city where every neighborhood is a beacon of growth and community
spirit—a place where residents enjoy sustainable, thriving spaces and businesses
benefit from a vibrant economic environment. This is the future the Fort Myers
Community Redevelopment Agency is creating.  

SINCE 1984 [§ 163.356, Fla. Stat.]      

Interactive Redevelopment Area Maps
Upcoming CRA Meetings
Redevelopment Plans
Downtown Redevelopment Plan Update

Read the 2022 Annual Report
Per Florida Statutes S.163.356(3)(c), our CRA
must produce a report of its activities for the
preceding fiscal year, and shall include a complete
financial statement setting forth its assets, liabilities,
income, and operating expenses as of the end of such
fiscal year.  

2022 Annual Report        

*Since 1984, the CRA has managed redevelopment trusts to revitalize blighted areas
in the City of Fort Myers. This reinvestment can take the form of public infrastructure,
residential and commercial grant programs, placemaking initiatives, affordable housing
development, safety initiatives, and historic preservation. Our header image features the
enhanced medians along the corridor in the Dr. MLK Redevelopment Area.  
Photo by Kinfay Moroti of Hopeful Images.      

1400 Jackson Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901
[email protected]

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