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Season is coming to an end, but we’re just getting started!  

Join us for one of our popular workshops or swing on in and let us jazz up your Friday
evening with an intimate concert featuring the Philippe Lemm Trio. Feel like making
your own music? Learn how to Compose a Piece in One Month.  

If pen strokes and keyboards are more your speed, we have Flash Fiction workshops
and the popular AI for Dreamers.  

Scroll further to see all the upcoming offerings for the budding young artists in your life.

Summer Camp registration is NOW OPEN!        



Fluid Art: The Dip  

Wednesday, April 17, 6-8:00 pm • Whether you are a beginner or advanced, these
fluid art techniques will be fully explained, demonstrated and you will go home with
two completed pieces.  

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Flash Fiction  

April 6, 11:00 am-1:00 pm • Join English instructor Cara Coble for a Flash Fiction
Challenge workshop to learn about the art of micro-fiction. Flash fiction is a
challenging and fun way to approach developing a narrative without overthinking
your words. The Flash Fiction challenge encourages writers to create short stories
no longer than 1,000 words based on genre, location, and object assignment.  

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AI for Dreamers  

April 19, 9:30-11:00 am • If you’re curious about AI, (perhaps also skeptical,
worried, exhilarated) and you want an on-ramp that speaks to you, your unique
work and purpose, then join Anna for AI for Dreamers. This session will intro-
duce you to AI and give you a chance to talk about what its implications could
be. Anna will share some great ways to begin using ChatGPT to supercharge
your superpowers and add some glow to your dreaming.  

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Continuing Series  


Compose a Piece in One Month  

Five Tuesdays, April 2-30, 2-3:30 pm • Join Dr. Daniel Nistico, celebrated
musician and teacher, for this five week course as he guides participants
through composing a piece of music from scratch. It works through a process
called model composition, where you take a piece you love to play and study
how it’s structured.  

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The CHANGE Program: Beginners Acting Class  

Six Saturdays, April 6 – May 11, 12:00 – 1:30 pm • In this 6-week beginner’s acting
class, you will learn stage movement, voice and diction for the stage, and character
development, culminating in a scripted performance for your family and friends.  

The CHANGE Program (Communities Harnessing the Arts to Nurture and Grow Equity)
engages aspiring adult actors of color in theatre education, provides performance
opportunities, and a platform to convene dialogue on social issues that challenge our
community through creative, artistic expression. Through this Beginner’s acting course,
students will explore the fundamentals of acting, character developments, and scene
work. The program is supported in part by the Southwest Florida Community Foundation
and United Way.  

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The CHANGE Program: Intensive Acting Class  

Four Saturdays, April 20 – May 11, 1:45 -3:30 pm • In this 4- week intensive
acting class, we will focus on character exploration, scene work and staying
in the moment. Actors will learn what it means to trust and follow their instincts
as a means to find themselves within the character through discussion and practical
exercises. Please prepare a short 1 min monologue. Memorization not required.  

Must have acting experience or have taken a previous acting class  

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Fine Art Acrylics Field Trip- Fun for All!


Marilyn Hedlund’s class took advantage of all that Fort Myers has to
offer and hosted the first class in the series at Sydney Berne Davis Art
Center for a lesson in art critique and docent led tour.    

Compose a Piece in One Month
Instructed Life Drawing with Francesco (18+)
3D Character Development
Beginner Bonsai
Painting Portraits with Terry Lynn
Wearable Art & Wine (21+)
Watercolor Painting (16+)
Flash Fiction Challenge Workshop: Breaking Down Writing Barriers
The CHANGE Program: Beginners Acting Class
Paint Your Favorite Pet with Shirley Hales (16+)
Three-Day Batique Techniques Workshop with Muffy Clark
Zentangle for the Seasons
Continuing Belly Dance
Tribal Belly Dance
Hula Dance (Ages 10+)
Bring Your Own Bonsai Tree Workshop
Fridays with Francesco: Color Studies (18+)
Are You Stuck?
Discovering Soulcollage
Members Only Photography Club
Painting with Terry Lynn AM (16+)
Painting with Terry Lynn PM (16+)
Painting Studio with Terry Lynn
Fluid Art: The Dip
Wiring Your Bonsai
WorkshopAI for Dreamers
Flash Fiction Challenge Workshop: Breaking Down Writing Barriers
The CHANGE Program: Intensive Acting Class
Fine Art Acrylic A
Fine Art Acrylic B
How to Photograph Your Own Work
Ceramics Glazing Workshop    

Youth, Children and Families  


Tweens and Teens Process Art  

Mondays and Wednesdays, April 1- May 1, 3 – 4:00 pm • In this series, designed
specifically for students in grades 5th-9th, Instructor Tiani Rosado will lead students
through various process art projects. The beautiful art piece students create will
merely be a byproduct of exploration and experimentation. Students will work on
pieces with multiple steps and focus on the making of the art as well as learning to
use new tools and techniques.  

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School’s Out Series: Polka Dot Art (Ages 7+)  

Monday, April 1, 10 – 11:30 am • Get creative on your Day Off from school and come
learn about the “Princess of Polka dots,” Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Discover her
unique way of creating “infinity” in her art work. You’ll take home a piece of art the
“Princess” herself would be proud of!  

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School’s Out Series: Make and Take Mother’s Day GiftsDot Art (Ages 7+)  

Wednesday, April 24, 1 – 3:00 pm • Use your half day off of school to get
creative! Join the Alliance to create a very special gift, for a special person
in your life. Whether it’s for mom, grandma, aunts or a close friend, you’re
sure to make them smile this Mother’s Day when they unwrap a gift made
especially for them, by a child they love. And imagine how proud that child
will be giving that gift!
All supplies provided  

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School’s Out Series: Polka Dot Art
Tweens and Teens Process Art: Sunset Mosaics on Canvas
Tweens and Teens Process Art: Paper Clip Art
Family ArtLab: Special Edition with the Philippe Lemm Trio
Tweens and Teens Process Art: Dali Clocks
Tweens and Teens Process Art: Process Painting
Hula Dance (Ages 3-9)
Tweens and Teens Process Art: Aluminum Foil Art
Tweens and Teens Process Art: Fruit Prints
Family ArtLab: Mother’s Day Project
Tweens and Teens Process Art: Cardboard Pop Art
Make and Take Mother’s Day Gifts
Tweens and Teens Process Art: Hole Punch Art
Tweens and Teens Process Art: Cut-Out Paper Art


Free Family ArtLab: Special Edition featuring the Philippe Lemm Trio  

Saturday, April 6, 11:00 am – Noon • Join us for this very special Family ArtLab,
as we gather for an educational concert by the internationally celebrated Philippe
Lemm Trio. The musicians will talk about each of their instruments, show students
how they work and the parts that make them up, and share a little about each role in
the group. This interactive program will show kids that music is fun, and is something
to be enjoyed all the time!  

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Free Family ArtLab  

Saturday, April 20, 10:00 am – Noon • Make creativity part of your family routine the
3rd Saturday of each month during Family ArtLab! All ages and abilities are encouraged
to participate.

This event is $5 per child and requires registration.
In honor of the special mothers (aunts, grandparents, and other loved ones) in your life
we are inviting you to come to this very special ArtLab where we will be painting pots
in variety of colorful designs for you to give to that special person for Mother’s Day.  
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Registration for our Summer Art Camp Open NOW!


Instructor Spotlight
Linda Benson  

Linda has been teaching watercolors every Saturday at the Alliance since September
2023 and is continuing through spring and fall of 2024. In the last 10 years she taught
art on Sanibel, Captiva, Naples, & Punta Gorda. Alliance is closer to her Fort Myers
home and offered an opportunity to share her knowledge. Linda comes to us as a City
of Fort Myers 2024 Individual Artist Grant recipient. Part of her plan is to share her
knowledge with her hands on teaching technique to eager students.  

The Alliance of the Arts has allowed Linda a great opportunity to share and inspire her
students. Her favorite lessons to teach have tropical themes. Palm trees and the Roseate
Spoonbill are fun for the students. Textures of palm fronds and details of pink feathers
are easy to paint as she includes handouts with every class to follow and take home. She
tries to bring out the best in her students as they enjoy their own creative style. She enjoys
seeing them learn something new or reinforce their current abilities.  

Linda states that “It’s always a GREAT day for art.”  


Alliance for the Arts •
239-939-2787 • 10091 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers  

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