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Many business owners start their companies with big dreams of freedom and flexibility. However, over time the business can start to feel more like a trap than a path to freedom.

In fact, you may feel trapped in your business because…

* You have become the bottleneck – you know more than anyone else in your company about your industry and it relies heavily on your expertise

* Your customers ask to deal with you personally instead of your team

* You are heavily involved in building or creating the products/services you sell

* And you are your company’s best sales person

* All of these factors can leave you feeling overwhelmed and tethered to your business, rather than liberated by it.

The Freedom Workshop provides an interactive experience to help business owners regain the freedom they envisioned when starting their company.

What you’ll learn…
♻️ How to recognize when you’ve fallen into the owner’s trap of being indispensable to your business, and steps to build a team and processes that allow you to step back.

⚙️ The 3 critical elements of a scalable business model that runs smoothly without you.

💰 The 8 key factors that drive the financial value and sale price of your business.

💵 The one type of high-margin recurring revenue that can drastically increase business valuation.

🔁 The 6 forms of sustainable recurring revenue streams to build.

📊 The 2 essential marketing strategies required to avoid commoditization and retention.

💡 The one key question to ask customers that predicts likelihood of repeat purchases and referrals.

With these actionable insights, you’ll be equipped to transform your business into a streamlined machine that runs smoothly without requiring your constant hands-on involvement. This enables you to finally achieve the freedom and flexibility you desire.

Event location: Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
1520 Lee Street
Fort Myers, FL 33901


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