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South Florida District Office

Federal Government Contracting 101 – September 27 10am
Ready…set…sell to the federal government! This workshop provides information on registering with the federal government, how to locate federal opportunities, who to market to within the federal government, and so much more!
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Building Your Network – Building Your Business – September 27 12 noon
This dynamic four session series is full of strategies for a successful and profitable sales program. In each session Louis shares insightful and easy to initiate tools and strategies for increasing your business network and profits. Sales people compete for potential customers and this series will ensure you can separate yourself from the competition. Having educated thousands of sales and marketing professionals in the US, Canada and Europe, Louis focuses on increasing profits. In four sessions the sales series will be like no other you have ever attended – full of tips, tools and strategies for building your business.
No product or service can sell without a marketing plan and networking strategy. Learn how to increase your network, understand the value and plan for joining associations, how to work your territory, how to review a sales report as you learn how to engage your customers. Hear about easy to use strategies for effective marketing. Learn how to review data to know what works and what does not. Understand your networking building plan will increase your business.
Part 3: Building Your Network – Building Your Business | SCORE

Managing Human Resources in 2022 – September 27 1pm
It’s critical to protect your company and yourself as an employer, whether you are about to hire your first employee or have 50 employees, by creating and developing strong human resource procedures.
Whether you are a small business owner, human resources manager or office manager, this seminar will address five critical HR issues that all employers face:
• Employee Handbook and Documentation
• Onboarding Employees Effectively
• Discipline and Termination Safely
• Employee Performance and Documentation
• 2021 Compliance, Safety and OSHA
Managing Human Resources in 2022 | SCORE

Free Business Resources and Networking Event – September 28 9am
Meet one-on-one with agency representatives to help your business grow and succeed
– Business Financing
– Business Plan Development
– Marketing
– How to do Business as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
– Doing Business with Miami-Dade County and More
News Flash • Homestead, FL • CivicEngage (

Get Your Local Business on Google Search and Maps – September 28 10am
Learn about Google My Business, a free tool for local businesses who want to connect with customers on Google Search and Maps.
In this session you’ll learn how to:
• Create or claim your Business Profile on Google
• Manage your business info across Google Search and Maps
• Use Google My Business to connect with potential customers
• Create a free website using the info from your Business Profile
Get Your Local Business on Google Search and Maps | SCORE

Show me the money – Financing options for your small business – September 28 11am
This class discusses the multiple sources of capital for starting and growing a small business. The pros and cons of the funding sources are reviewed. Topics to be discussed include familiar options such as self-financing, funding from friends & family, and partnerships.
Other sources are reviewed such as:
• Small Business Loans
• SBA Loan Guaranty Program
• Microloans
Some less conventional financing sources along with their pros and cons are also discussed, including selling equity (shares), venture capital, angel investors, and crowd funding.
Show me the money – Financing options for your small business Tickets | Eventbrite

Get More Opens with Great Subject Lines – September 28 12noon
In the busy inbox, you have just a few milliseconds to convince someone to open your email. Beyond the relationship you’ve been building with your contacts, your subject line must capture their attention and entice them to open and read your email. In this presentation, we’ll provide tips and plenty of examples to get you writing subject lines that work. You’ll learn:
• The basics of a good subject line
• Trends for writing great subject lines
• Tips for getting creative with your subject lines
Get More Opens with Great Subject Lines | SCORE

What Your Nonprofit Needs in Order to Rise to the Next Level – September 28 5pm
This is the second of a two-part series. This seminar is designed for anyone starting or operating a nonprofit entity. If you’ve already started your nonprofit, you can attend this workshop if you haven’t done the first one.
This class focuses in deeper detail on the definition, importance and objectives of nonprofits…
• The successful business model
• Recruiting board members, staff and volunteers
• Organizational relationships between ED and Board Chairperson
• The roles and responsibilities of the board and the executive director including skill sets
• Financial strategies
• Funding development
What Your Nonprofit Needs in Order to Rise to the Next Level | SCORE

Stand Out Online With Google’s Tools for Small Business – September 28 6pm
This workshop will introduce you to Google’s many tools to help you operate your business.
Having an online presence is important to the success of many businesses. Visibility on search sites can lead customers to your business. Google is one of the “go to” places for online searches. Google can also provide significant cloud based infrastructure for small businesses that empowers owners at little or no cost. This workshop will introduce you to Google’s many tools to help you operate your business.
• Get your business on Google for free
• Learn how to be found when people search on Google
• Position your business on Google Maps
• Build your first website for free
• Use Google tools to start a website
• View templates that are easy to us
Stand Out Online With Google’s Tools for Small Business | SCORE

Cybersecurity Basics, for Startups and Entrepreneurs – September 28 6pm
Since 2020, the FBI has reported a 300% increase in cybercrimes. Small businesses are prime targets of these attacks due to lack of awareness when it comes to protecting systems and data.
This webinar will teach you:
• Why small businesses are targets of cybercrimes
• Proactive measures that will help you avoid data loss, scams, and cyberattacks
• The single most important thing you can do today to ensure your business can recover quickly from any IT disaster, including a cyberattack
iThink: Cybersecurity Basics, for Startups and Entrepreneurs | SCORE

Women, Minority & Veteran Certification – September 29 10am
It’s no myth…women, minority and veteran certification could present opportunities for your business. But there is a process to becoming certified. In this class, you will learn how to complete the State of Florida certification application and discover how you can use it to seek business with the private sector and government.
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Women’s Roundtable – September 30 10am
Discover the strength of building a strong network and how today’s businesswomen are accomplishing more than ever before.
Our open discussions review:
• Converting leads into cash.
• Aligning with and supporting your goals through strategic alliances.
• Processes that guarantee results.
• Creating community partners to leverage your time and money.
• Initiating action instead of “the deer in the headlights” apathy.
• Believing in your products, services and yourself.
Women’s Roundtable | SCORE

Conociendo y Aprendiendo la competencia – October 1 9:30am
En este webinar aprenderá, los pasos para identificar y estudiar a los competidores, las fuentes de recopilación de datos, uso de herramientas de análisis de comparación competitiva, y desarrollo de estrategias de ventajas competitivas.
1. ¿Qué es la competencia?
2. ¿Quiénes son los competidores?
3. Investigando a la competencia
4. Análisis de la competencia
5. Aprendiendo de la competencia
Conociendo y Aprendiendo la competencia | SCORE

Sesion Informativa Programa de Navegadores Miami-Dade – October 3 1 pm
Si su empresa está ubicada en el condado de Miami-Dade y su propiedad mayoritaria es de una mujer, un veterano o una persona socialmente y económicamente desfavorecida no se pierda esta sesión de información sobre nuestro Programa de Negocios Navegadores de Miami-Dade.
El programa Business Navigator de Miami-Dade (MDBN) es una nueva e interesante iniciativa local financiada, en parte, a través de una subvención de la Administración de Pequeñas Empresas (SBA) de EE. UU. El programa reúne a siete grupos locales que trabajan para ampliar su alcance y apoyar a las pequeñas y microempresas como la suya.
Regístrese HOY y descubra cómo puede acceder a consultoría, capacitación, información empresarial y recursos personalizados desde sus Business Navigators.
Sesion Informativa Programa de Navegadores Miami-Dade (

Intellectual Property: Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law – October 3 6pm
As you grow your business, you build value in its name, logos, trademarks, and bylines. They can be as valuable as your business reputation and profit levels.
Are you in a creative business? Designers, illustrators, painters, software engineers, writers, and authors can all create works with long lasting value.
Are you an inventor? How do you establish proof of ownership of your invention?
Attend this workshop and learn:
• Whether you need protection for your intellectual property
• If so, which methods are appropriate to your situation?
• What processes are involved?
• How much you can do yourself, and at what point a lawyer might be needed?
• The timelines involved
By investing a few hours in this workshop, you will have up-to-date information on a key issue that you should address to decide if you need to protect or enhance the value of your business for any intellectual property.
Intellectual Property: Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law | SCORE

• Help clients to understand the “industry”
• Identify profitability
• Determine how to get a “slice of the pie”
• Develop & manage successful businesses
Oct-4 Divas In The Trucking Industry (

Schedule C and Other Small Business Taxes – October 4 10am
In this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of Form 1040, Schedule C, Profit or Loss from business, and discuss how to calculate gross profit and gross income, show you how to identify and deduct expenses, and how to calculate net profit or loss. We’ll also cover some areas of interest on Form 1040 and discuss self-employment tax and estimated tax.
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How to Leverage Small Minority Certifications to Obtain Government Contracts Webinar
– October 4 1pm
During this session you will learn the following:
• Understand the four main levels of government.
• How funding sources can influence the type of required certification.
• Understand which programs have set-asides and which have participation goals.
• Learn what certification programs have had the most success and why.
• Learn about Hub-Zones and how they help small businesses engage in public work.
• Understand how to market your certified firm to the government and to government contractors.
How to Leverage Small Minority Certifications to Obtain Government Contracts Webinar (

Business Continuity Webinar – October 4 6pm
Business continuity management is well underway at most organizations. As Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) rapidly impacts our lives and organizations, business continuity management is now more important than ever. In today’s seminar, we will discuss what you can do for your business to prepare for the next disaster.
Business Continuity Webinar (

DISCcover Effective Selling – October 4 6pm
This workshop will use the DISC Model of Human Behavior to help business owners, salespeople and anyone involved in sales learn how to quickly connect with the buyer and sell the way the customer wants to buy.
Selling is influencing, therefore, establishing credibility is essential to sales effectiveness. A strategy built on adapting to the “right fit” for a given prospect will reinforce credibility with every interaction!
The training teaches you how to apply behavioral-based selling strategies, then adjust for each prospect’s behavior style.
Participants will learn:
• The Four DISC styles and…how to recognize them in yourself and others.
• The role personality and behavior styles play in the buy-sell relationship.
• How to “connect” with your buyer/prospect in the way they buy.
• What to communicate to your buyer/prospect to improve sales performance & maximize results.
• How to communicate to your buyer/prospect to improve sales performance & maximize results.
Sales are the key revenue sources of most companies. While some people are born salespeople, some of us have to learn how to become good at sales. The skill is very trainable, as this workshop shows. Spend a few hours and learn some techniques that you can use the next day.
DISCcover Effective Selling | SCORE

SBA Florida – Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration – October 5 9am

With 6.3 million and counting, Hispanics are now the nations largest minority outpacing all other groups in business start-ups. When it comes to Florida’s economy, Puerto Rican’s are over-indexing in relocations to the south east region and in particular, Florida.
Join the South and North Florida SBA Offices as we host Dr. Fernando Rivera, Director at the University of Central Florida, Puerto Rico Research Hub. Listen in as we discuss the latest trends and impacts related to the unprecedented migration of Puerto Ricans to Florida.
Despite language and cultural barriers, Hispanic Business owners continue to thrive in Florida with SBA’s help. Join us as we host 3 highly successful Hispanic Businesses leveraging SBA’s programs and services, as they make their mark on Florida’s economy.
SBA Florida – Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Tickets, Wed, Oct 5, 2022 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite

Procrastination Negation – Get Moving! – October 5 6pm
• How to Beat Procrastination – Stay Focused – Get Results – Take Control.
• What we will discuss:
• How to develop a mindset of excellence in life and business.
• How to overcome procrastination.
• How to avoid the 4 steps to failure.
• How to take immediate action to achieve your goals.
• Why change is difficult.
• How to make change happen.
• How to be more productive.
• How to start taking immediate action to do more, achieve more and have more!
Procrastination Negation – Get Moving! | SCORE

Miami-Dade Business Navigator Resource Fair – October 6 1pm
The Miami-Dade Business Navigator (MDBN) program is an exciting new local initiative funded, in part, through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The program brings together local groups working to expand their reach and support small and micro-businesses like yours.
This local Resource Fair will bring together MDBN groups and additional small business organizations from around the County to connect directly with Miami businesses. Meet one-on-one with these community groups who can help you access resources and information to start and grow your business. Sign up today!
Miami-Dade Business Navigator Resource Fair (

Feria de Recursos de Asesores Empresariales de Miami-Dade – October 6 1pm
El programa de Asesores Empresariales de Miami-Dade (Miami-Dade Business Navigator o MDBN) es una nueva y emocionante iniciativa local parcialmente financiada a través de una subvención con la Administración de Pequeñas Empresas de los Estados Unidos (SBA). El programa reúne a grupos locales que trabajan para expandir su alcance y apoyar a negocios pequeños y microempresas como la suya.
Esta Feria de Recursos local reunirá a grupos de MDBN y otras organizaciones de pequeñas empresas de todo el Condado para conectarse directamente con empresas de Miami. Reúnase uno a uno con estos grupos comunitarios que pueden ayudarlo a acceder a recursos e información para iniciar y hacer crecer su negocio. ¡Regístrese hoy!
Miami-Dade Business Navigator Resource Fair (

Email Marketing Trends – October 6 6pm
Now is the perfect time to determine the next move for your business and how to stand out from your competitors. It’s time to think about your email strategy for the year ahead so you can focus your energy and make the most out of your time.
Join us as we explore the top email marketing trends for small businesses and simple ideas to incorporate them into your marketing strategy. You’ll learn:
• How to create more personalized email messages
• How to do more business and save time with automation
• How to provide value to grow your business
Email Marketing Trends | SCORE

What You Need to Know to Start a Business – October 6 6pm
You’ve got the idea. Now you need to know how to get on your way. From how to determine feasibility and legal structures to the types of licenses you’ll need, this class covers all the essentials that will help you get started.
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Simple Steps for Starting a Business: Ready to Start? – October 6 6pm
This is a 4 module workshop series that will take you through the basics of starting up a business. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves & work with the instructors, you’ll come away with a good understanding of the specific challenges & opportunities you will face. You will have a financial plan, a marketing plan, and an estimation of the funding you will need to get started.
Workshop #1: Ready to Start?
In this workshop, you will learn:
• Myths & Realities of Entrepreneurship – The truth about business ownership
• Do you have what it takes – Assessing your skills & experience
• Know your options: Different types of businesses – A closer look at various ways of starting a business
• Making it legal – The nuts & bolts of launching a new business
• Business Plan Basics – Why you need a business plan
Simple Steps for Starting a Business: Ready to Start? | SCORE

Diseñando un Modelo de Negocio – October 8 9:30am
Aprenda a usar el BMC (Business Model Canvas) para desarrollar un nuevo modelo de negocio. Ya sea para arrancar su negocio o para modificar o relanzar un modelo existente.
Diseñando un Modelo de Negocio | SCORE

Overview of SBA Programs and Services – October 13 12 noon
This Webinar covers the programs and services the Small Business Administration (SBA) has to offer to help you start and grow your business. Although the SBA is usually associated with loans, this overview will run trough the SBA Loan Programs as well as or other programs and services including Counseling, export assistance ,Government contracting, Surety Bonds, Disaster assistance, and advocacy services. This Webinar will be presented by Lonnie Koyama from the SBA
Overview of SBA Programs and Services | SCORE

SBA CYBER SUMMIT – October 26 12 noon
Comprised of digestible and compact segments, attendees will have the opportunity to network and access practical tips, problem-solving strategies, industry trends, threat avoidance, and small business testimonials in order to learn how to help small business owners defend themselves against cyber-attacks.
About the Cybersecurity for Small Business Pilot Program
Cyberattacks are a growing threat to small businesses and the U.S. economy. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report, the cost of cybercrimes against the small business community reached $2.4 billion in 2021.
SBA CYBER SUMMIT Tickets, Wed, Oct 26, 2022 at 12:00 PM | Eventbrite

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All SBA programs and services are provided on a nondiscriminatory basis. Reasonable accommodations will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance

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