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October 24th- October 31st, 2023  

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Beginner Bonsai  

October 25th
6:00PM – 9:00PM  

This interactive, hands-on workshop will introduce you to the ancient art
of Bonsai- the Japanese art of growing and training miniature trees in
containers, developed from the traditional Chinese art form of penjing.  

The first part of our workshop will be a presentation discussing the
terminology, history, philosophies and aesthetics used in Bonsai. We’ll
also cover tools used, techniques needed, and soil mechanics. This will
be followed by questions and discussion of live trees, with examples.
Finally students will have the opportunity to use the remaining two
hours to prune, shape, and repot their tree into a more pleasing Bonsai
container. Aftercare instructions and troubleshooting will wrap up the

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The Secret Weapons of Colored Pencil 2-Day
Workshop ( Ages 16+ Beginner-Intermediate)

October 26th & 27th
10:00AM – 4:00PM  

It’s no surprise artists everywhere are taking up colored pencils – they
may be the most versatile of all art media. No matter your style or level
of experience, you will learn the secrets of quickly producing beautiful
effects with simple tools. Through technical exercises, you’ll master quick
methods for realistic textures and learn how to make changes and
corrections. Individual guidance will help you develop your own choice
of subject. Demonstrations and discussion will include color mixing for
portraits and landscapes, simple solutions for backgrounds, effective
composition and tips on presenting your work. Assorted papers and
special tools will be provided, and for those who want to try before they
buy, sets will be available to share in class.  

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Bring your own Bonsai Tree Workshop
October 26th 6:00PM – 9:00PM  

Join Bonsai expert, Michael Lane, for this three hour “bring
your own tree” class. We will focus on revisiting trees made
in the beginner class, as well as any other projects, you may
be working on. Students will have the opportunity to learn
basic wiring, revisit shaping, and to ask questions.  

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Bring Your Own Bonsai: Cascade Style  

October 27th
6:00PM – 9:00PM  

Cascade style bonsai aims to produce accurate representations of trees growing
over cliffs, water, or other precipices. These trees elegantly dip below the
container and have an aesthetic unique to themselves.  

Join Bonsai expert, Michael Lane, for this three hour “bring your own tree”
class. We will focus on Cascade style and suitable materials: bring any tree
with a low first branch and or a young tree that can be wired into shape.  

Wire, soil, and other supplies not included.  

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Resin Intensive Workshop  

October 28th
9:00AM – 4:00PM

Join the Alliance to explore the “Resin Craze”! Artist Tammy DeCaro will
teach you the basics of working with resin, from coating to creating works of
art. Both quick coat and long cure resins will be used.  

In this 5 hour class (plus 1 hour for lunch) you will learn:
The Basics of resin
How to choose products
Clear coating
Using molds
Dyes, pigments, paints and inks in resin
Resin and glass mixed media
You will complete various projects during this class, however some will need
to cure in place and be picked up later.


Painting With Terry Lynn
AM, PM & Evening  

6 Tuesdays
October 31st – December 5th  

Join beloved instructor and painter, Terry
Lynn Spry, for her weekly fine art
painting classes designed for the novice to
the professional. Students are encouraged
to work at their own level, and with their
subject and medium of choice. In this
class, you can expect to learn more about
the spectrum of painting from realism to
abstract, as well as, studies in portraiture,
color control, compositions, value study
and drawing.  

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Art Seekers: 7th – 12th Grade  

October 27th
2:00PM – 3:00PM  

New and Improved day-time youth art classes!
Whether your teen is home-schooled, and online learner, or simply on a
school break, join us for these monthly, age appropriate art classes.
Students will discover and practice with different mediums, learn about a
variety of styles and have fun creating with their peers!
This month we will be creating masks representative of other countries.
All supplies provided  

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