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October 3rd– October 10th, 2023  

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Back to Basics Acrylic Painting
(Ages 18+ Beginners)  

October 3rd 9:30AM – 12:00PM
Learn the basics of painting as Artist/Instructor Pat Smelkoff guides you
through the process of how to undercoat, basecoat, float, double load, dry
brush and to paint wet into wet. Learn to use the Comma, “S”, “C” and
“U” strokes to create beautiful flowers.

All supplies (including project surfaces) are included in the class fee.  

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Jazz Dance For Fitness
October 3rd
10:30AM – 11:45AM  

Join Instructor/Artist Ravah Daley as she teaches the authentic Luigi Jazz
technique of dance. This fun, and adaptable form of dance will have you
dancing in the aisles as she teaches you to “always put the body in the right
position” and “feel from the inside out”. This technique is designed to prevent
injuries and is perfect for all ages of adults! Ravah teaches the importance of
using the body properly; telling students to take their time and feel what they’re
doing. “If you keep doing things right long enough, they’ll get better right.”  

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Welcome Fall – TV Tray in Acrylic
(Ages 18+ Intermediate-Pro)  

6 Tuesdays
October 3rd – November 7th
12:30PM – 3:30PM  

Welcome in the Fall with this fun project!  

Instructor/Artist Pat Smelkoff will guide as you create beautiful TV trays with a festive
fall “flavor” using acrylic paint.  

Supplies Needed:
Bring your own TV tray (can be used or new)
acrylic paint
paint brushes
containers for water
paper towels  

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Instructed Life Drawing – Gestural $ Structural
Approach to the Figure (18+) Beginner – Pro Level  

4 Wednesdays
October 4th – October 25th
12:30PM – 3:30PM  

“Students both beginning, intermediate and advanced can learn from Francesco’s excellent
teaching methods, knowledge, humor, passion for the human form and all aspects of fine art.
Students are fortunate to have an artist of his level as instructor.”

The class is designed for beginner to advanced students. You will see and draw by under-
standing and personally translating the subject instead of just copying. Francesco’s one-
on-one assistance and feedback ensure beginners students understanding and keep
advanced and returning students engaged and challenged.  

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Fluid Art Workshop – The Ribbon Pour

October 4th
5:00PM – 7:30PM  

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, these fluid art techniques will
be fully explained, demonstrated and you will go home with two completed
pieces. Canvas sizes are your choice between 12×12 and 16×16. Bring a tray
or box to take home your wet paintings. Recommended paints, consistency of
paint, color palette, pouring mediums and additives will be discussed. Every
student will leave with a handout to assist with your fluid art journey at home.  

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Workshop Series: Getting your Art into Retail Environments

Workshop 1: Demystifying Wholesale for Artists and Makers  

October 4th
6:30PM – 9:00PM  

Demystifying Wholesale for Artists & Makers will discuss transforming your
art into a product line, defining your audience, marketing materials, pricing,
and how to find, approach, and keep retailers. This introductory workshop will
benefit visual artists, crafters, and makers interested in turning their art into

This class is part of an online series. Sign up for individual, or all three.

All classes will take place via Zoom.   

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Painting With Francesco (Ages 18+)  

4 Thursdays
October 5th – October 26th  

“If you are interested in an oil painting class where you can learn as a
beginner or be pushed to the next level as a seasoned artist, Francesco’s
class is for you. You will see progress from the first lesson on. Mix colors
like a pro or make your compositions better. It’s like a college level class
only more fun.”  

Francesco taught painting at University and College level before the
many Art Centers, his painting class is designed for beginners to
advanced students. Beginners will learn how to handle the medium
and how to mix color effectively. Intermediate students will copy old
masters, matching colors and brushstrokes. Advanced students will
be helped integrating art history and contemporary art concepts in
their personal work.  

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Painting Portraits With Terry Lynn –
(Ages 16+) Intermediate Level  

4 Thursdays
October 5th – October 26th
9:30AM – 12:30PM  

Join Terry Lynn as she guides you through the art of portrait painting.
In a relaxed and fun environment students will build on fundamental
skills and the complexities of flesh tones, moving into the application
of paint. Students are welcome to use acrylic or oil paint. In this class
we will use references from instructor, students photos and on the last
class students will paint from a live model. Some drawing and painting
experience helpful.  

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Painting in Today’s World (Ages 18+)  

4 Thursdays
October 5th – October 26th  

Each of the Four week sessions will be introduced by short lectures on the current history
of painting. You will be encouraged to create work you would never have dreamed of making.
Through exchanging ideas and searching for meaning through experimentation, you will be
pushed beyond the borders of preconceived notions about art, life, and the world we live in.  

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Back to Basics Acrylic Project – Mr. Scarecrow (Ages 18+)  

October 7th
9:30AM – 12:30PM  

Learn the basics of painting as Artist/Instructor Pat Smelkoff guides you
through the process of how using acrylic paint to create this fun, seasonal

All supplies (including project surfaces) are included in the class fee.  

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Alliance for the Arts | 10091 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33919 (239) 939-2787  
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