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September 26th- October 25th, 2023
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Ceramics Hand – Building Workshop
September 27th
6:30PM – 8:30PM  

In this Ceramics Hand-building Workshop we will start with raw clay
and guide you through the different techniques and steps needed to
create your own one of a kind masterpiece! There will be plenty of room
for creativity and fun!  

We will be walking through making cups and other functional wares,
but the foundations learned can be used for many other aspects of pieces!  

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Meaning in Contemporary Painting
September 28th
6:30PM – 9:00PM  

This workshop will help you find it with a slide presentation and discussion
of topics in contemporary art, including NFTs, AI, originality, cancel culture
and more.  

After the discussion you will alter an existing work of art and change its
meaning. Bring a painting, your own, your friend’s, or one you’ve found at a
thrift store and use any material to change the meaning of the original work.
The idea is to make a work that has significance in today’s culture by altering
a work whose meaning may be missing or is outdated.  

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Fridays With Francesco
College Level Drawing 1300C
Sighting, Proportion and Measuring
(Life Model)  

September 29th
9:30AM – 3:30PM  

In this workshop Francesco will explain how to accurately control
proportions, a foundational aspect of any academic drawing. In the
morning the subject will be a still life consisting of several symmetrical
objects. In the afternoon we will apply the notions learned with the life

We will cover concepts such as sighting, clocking the angles, using vertical,
horizontal and diagonal references to organize the drawing.  

All lessons will include introduction, lesson overview, drawing demonstrations
and one on one assistance and feedback.  

There will be a 1/2 hour break for lunch  

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Discovering Soul Collage: An Introductory
Workshop (Beginner Level)  

September 29th
10:00AM – 12:30PM  

SoulCollage® is a contemplative and insightful process of self-discovery.
It gently opens you to a new way of exploring your inner wisdom. It is a
practice by which you can communicate with the unique aspects of your-
self while engaging your creativity! Using simple tools – scissors, glue,
magazine images, and mat board – you create cards that are uniquely
yours. This process honors your own time, pace, inner-language and

No prior art experience needed. This introductory workshop will
provide everything you need to get started with SoulCollage®.  

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Back to Basics Acrylics
(Ages 18+ Beginners)  

6 Tuesdays
October 3rd – November 7th
9:30AM – 12:00PM  

Learn the basics of painting as Artist/Instructor Pat Smelkoff guides
you through the process of how to undercoat, basecoat, float, double
load, dry brush and to paint wet into wet. Learn to use the Comma,
“S”, “C” and “U” strokes to create beautiful flowers.  

All supplies (including project surfaces) are included in the class fee.

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Welcome to Fall TV Trays in Acrylic
(18+ Intermediate Pro)  

6 Tuesdays
October 3rd – November 7th
12:30PM – 3:30PM  

Welcome in the Fall with this fun project!  

Instructor/Artist Pat Smelkoff will guide as you create beautiful
TV trays with a festive fall “flavor” using acrylic paint.  

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Storm Stories: A Juried Exhibition  
In the Gallery September 1-30 • Soft Opening Reception: Sept 1, 5-7pm •
This free event will include beverages.  

Closing reception: September 28, 5-7pm • This free event will include light bites
by Jayne Baker and refreshments. Join us to honor and memorialize the one year anniversary
of Hurricane Ian making landfall.  

Our September Gallery is a year in the making. This Juried Exhibition is in conjunction with the
oral history project, Storm Stories. We created this project in the wake of Hurricane Ian. We saw
a great need for healing in our community after the devastating storm. By collecting stories of
people’s experiences during the storm and by asking local artists to use their experiences to
create art, we hope to help our community find beauty and begin the process of healing.  

Theatre Gallery Artist: Hope: The Others Side of Hurricane Ian shows how the deadly storm
united people in the one thing that couldn’t be destroyed. Hope. Families, friends and volunteers
across Southwest Florida met moments of hurt with hopeful acts of caring. Nonprofits, businesses
and government agencies provided vital resources and infrastructure repairs. These compelling
moments captured in pictures, reflect the endured hurt and shared determination of people —
to keep hope alive.  

In the Member’s Gallery: Tamara Culp and Jodi Enders  

In the Theatre: For those of us who live at the shoreline by Sasha Wortzel  

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