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SBA Upcoming Webinars & Workshops

Grow Your Business on LinkedIn Without Spending a Dime – November 30 6pm
Get your social selling score and see how you compare within your industry and network Learn how to create a business page on LinkedIn Establishing the goals for your business presence on LinkedIn Connecting with the target companies, job titles, and influencers in your “space” Creating a pillar and cluster content strategy to support your business goals Find out how to get more mileage from your posts (from hundreds to thousands of views) Learn the Pros and Cons of hosting an event on LinkedIn
Grow Your Business on LinkedIn Without Spending a Dime | SCORE

Your Business – From Vision to Reality – December 1 6pm
Answer the 8 questions that are at the heart of any entrepreneurial Business Plan
Whether you have a fully established business or you are just formulating your ideas, one of your biggest challenges is making your vision a reality.
In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to clarify for yourself (and your team)
Who you are (and what kind of people do you want to surround yourself with), Why do you do what you do (what ignites your passion, purpose or cause) What do you do better than everyone else What are your long and short-term goals and How will you get there
You will come out of the session with a clear and actionable plan and tools to keep you accountable for executing your strategy.
Your Business – From Vision to Reality | SCORE

Mid-day Mindfulness Moment & Stretch – December 2 11am
Mid-day Mindfulness Moment & Stretch is a 30-minute gentle yoga practice that you can do right at your office desk and in your workday clothes. Danielle, from Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness, will lead you through breath work and gentle yoga poses that will allow you to connect to the body and mind in the present moment. Gentle stretches and movement will help release tension in the body and bring balance to the mind. You’ll return to the rest of your day feeling restored and ready for whatever comes next.
Mid-day Mindfulness Moment & Stretch Tickets, Thu, Dec 2, 2021 at 11:00 AM | Eventbrite

How To Buy A Business/Franchise With The New Normal – December 2 6pm
Buying a Business/Franchise in the Pandemic Chaos. This workshop is all about buying a Business/Franchise under new 2020 circumstances. The process has changed due to the following:
• PPP loans on Businesses For Sale with Pay Back issues
• how do you value a business that has been closed for 2 months or more
• is Seller Financing now mandatory
• how will the banks approve SBA loans for businesses that have been closed and are slowly reopening
• what industries are performing well and which ones are a concern
• do I need a business attorney and business accountant and a business broker
• where do I find businesses for sale
• how do I make an Offer and when
• what is the buying process for a business
• how long does it take to buy a business
• are landlords and leases more flexible or more difficult to negotiate
How To Buy A Business/Franchise With The New Normal | SCORE

Microsoft Power Point – Advanced – December 4 9:30am
This Microsoft PowerPoint-Advanced tutorial is for curious beginners or moderately confident users who are looking to understand some deeper functionality in the software. This high-level review will help you learn how to navigate the program in order to use some of the advanced functionality on your own. You are encouraged to practice alongside the instructor as she navigates through the tabs and tools in real-time, if you have access to your own version of PowerPoint during the training and a second monitor. Some of the advanced functions we will be covering are Slide Master, Zoom, Smart Art, Charts, Animations, Inserting Media, Hyperlinking, exporting to the format that you want (example: PDF) and sharing via cloud based file storage like Google Drive and OneDrive.
Microsoft Power Point – Advanced | SCORE

Conociendo y Aprendiendo la competencia – December 4 9:30am
En este webinar aprenderás, los pasos para identificar y estudiar a los competidores, las fuentes de recopilación de datos, uso de herramientas de análisis de comparación competitiva, y desarrollo de estrategias de ventajas competitivas.
• Qué es la competencia
• Quiénes son los competidores
• Investigando a la competencia
• Análisis de la competencia
• Aprendiendo de la competencia.
Conociendo y Aprendiendo la competencia | SCORE