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Dear Wildlife Conservationist,

You can help biologists learn more about Florida’s wild turkey population by reporting all wild turkeys you see during your normal daily activities from June 1 to Aug. 31. It’s important we get as many reported sightings as possible during this annual survey. Our goal is over 4,000 reported sightings this year (last year we had about 3,000) and we need your help to achieve that. Get started reporting wild turkeys on your mobile device by downloading the Survey123ArcGIS app or report sightings online

We’re interested in sightings of hens with and without poults (young wild turkeys), and male birds (jakes and gobblers) from all regions of the state, including rural and developed areas. When reporting numbers of poults, be sure to look carefully because young birds may be difficult to see in tall grass or brush.

The Sunshine State is home to a healthy wild turkey population. They occur throughout Florida and prefer open forests and forest edges and openings. FWC biologists conduct this survey each year to learn more about annual nesting success, brood survival, and the distribution and abundance of wild turkeys. Learn more about the FWC’s summer wild turkey survey.

Thank you for your continued support of conservation.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission | Division of Hunting and Game Management

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