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Greetings, March has arrived! We still have so much going on for you! Take a look below
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NEW COURSE for Bridge Enthusiasts!

Slam Bidding
April 10 | 10 – 12:30pm
Naples Center  

How many slams do you miss at the bridge table? Join us as we tackle the most important
systems and conventions you should know in order to find and make every biddable slam.
Topics will include Italian Cue Bids, Kickback, 1430, Queen Ask, Exclusion Blackwood
and more. Bring your partner so you can both hone your skills on all these powerful bridge
conventions and start bidding more slams!

Week of March 4 – March 8
Click on any topic below to learn more.      

Featuring a DOUBLE HEADER MONDAY with Tom Eastwood

Civil War POW Camps –
Andersonville, Elmira, Douglas
March 4 | 10 – 11:30am, Monday
Naples Center / Online via Zoom  

Neither the Union nor Confederacy was equipped to handle POWs. Camp conditions were
horrid. We discuss the atrocities in the most notorious prisons on both sides and what led
to them. Prisoner parole and exchange is also addressed. Join us for a frank and fascinating

Operation Werwolf –
World War II Nazi Insurgency
March 4 | 1:30 – 2pm, Monday
Naples Center / Online via Zoom  

As World War II waned, the Nazis created a resistance force code named Operation
Werwolf to oppose the Allies as they advanced and occupied Germany. Conceived
in 1942, it was operational from October 1944 to 1947. Despite massive propaganda,
it had minimal impact on the Allied occupation and inflicted increased hardship on
the German people. Topics include: Himmler; SS death squads; Heydrich; Werwolf
operations – assassinations, assaults and sabotage; Werwolf Radio; Goebbels; Hitler
Youth; League of German Girls; German Bund; and Operation Blacklist – U.S.
occupation of Japan.

Perceptual Illusions: Seeing (Is or Is Not) Believing
March 6 | 10 – 11:30am, Wednesday
Brooks Enrichment Center  

We discuss the perceptual process and look at how our beliefs and imagination influence
our understanding of what we see. Our reality is constructed from our interpretation of
sensory data (what we see, hear, etc.). However, this “interpretation” is influenced by
numerous mental and social processes. We cover several concepts related to perceptual
anomalies. This includes a fun sampling of optical illusions and other visual examples
revealing how our eyes play tricks on us.

Science, Disinformation and the Covid Pandemic
March 6 | 1:30 – 3pm, Wednesday
Naples Center / Online via Zoom  

Taken from the speaker’s book, “Communicating Science and Managing the Corona-
virus Pandemic,” this lecture addresses much of the disinformation and conspiracy
theories about the Covid 19 virus. For many in our country, the lies and misinformation
spread about the virus and its treatments were embraced wholeheartedly and taken as truth.
Peer-reviewed, fact-based science, while not always perfect, offers conclusions, suggestions
and solutions, but such information must be presented to the public in a strong and effective
manner. This presentation addresses the nine stages of a pandemic, from the event to closure,
a template for managing a pandemic, the process of developing a pandemic scenario, a pan-
demic exercise, and much more.

CSI DNA Profiling to Genomes to
Gene Editing and Therapies
March 7 | 10 – 11:30pm, Thursday
Naples Center / Online via Zoom  

This lecture, designed for the non-scientist, explores the fast-changing and ever interesting
subject of 21st century DNA technologies. How perpetrators get caught or the innocent set
free using DNA profiling. Reading our “genomes” to find increased chances of developing
disease. Hopes of “editing” genes to correct flaws in our genetic messages. Join us as we
explore these topics and more.      


Miami Design District Art and Food Tour
March 12 | 8:30 – 6:30 pm, Tuesday

Join us as we experience the cultural, artistic and culinary delights of Miami’s
Design district. Embark on a delicious journey into the world of cutting-edge
design, monumental art installations, and a diverse selection of cuisine that
celebrates the Design District’s fusion of creativity and flavor. Enjoy mouth-
watering dishes from some of the top restaurants in the neighborhood. Explore
a large, modern chef-driven food hall that is considered a culinary mecca and
savor a variety of global cuisines, with bites from Vietnam, Israel, the American
South and more. Sample the unique fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine at
one of Miami’s most celebrated sushi destinations and indulge in Chef Andrew
G.’s famous cookie creations. Between food tastings, we make several stops to
learn and admire public art installations, including the famous “Fly’s Eye Dome”
by Buckminster Fuller. Departure information will be emailed 3 days prior to the
trip. Itineraries are subject to change. No refunds within 10 business days of

The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg
March 28 | 8 – 6:30 pm, Thursday
St. Petersburg  

Our private, docent-led tour takes us through the highlights of the permanent collection
as well as a brand-new exhibition, The Shape of Dreams. The Shape of Dreams explores
500 years of dream-inspired paintings from the 16th to 20th century, demonstrating how
artists throughout time have depicted a profound yet common phenomenon of human
experience – the dream. The exhibition examines how Western artists have depicted dreams
for different audiences throughout time, exploring the continuity and disconnections between
the past and present. Our tour includes round-trip motor coach transportation, driver gratuity,
entrance fees, a private docent-led tour and audio guides. Lunch is on your own. Departure
information will be emailed 3 days prior to the trip. Itineraries are subject to change. No re-
funds within 10 business days of departure.      

The Week Ahead  

Monday March 4
Download, Save and Share Your Photos
Jordan – A Biblical Land in A Modern World
Digital Currencies: The Future of Money  

Tuesday March 5
Financial Strategies for Estate Planning
From Pumpkin Papers to Pentagon Papers: Famous Trials of the
Mid-Twentieth Century (4-part series) – The Alger Hiss Trial
Media Perspectives: The Future is Cloudy  

Wednesday March 6
The Wives of Henry VIII (2-part series)
Art of the 19th Century French Salon and the Impressionist Movement
Beautiful, Flowering Orchids: How to Make Yours Thrive and Grow!
Florida Local Government Boot Camp: What Every Florida Resident Should Know
Stress and Anxiety Management (2-part series)  

Thursday March 7
Introduction to Facebook and Instagram
Jim Newton and the Southwest Florida Legacy of Ethics
Zealot, the Life and Times of Jesus
Climate Change – Sources and Solutions  

Friday March 8 Pirates of the Golden Age: 1630-1730      

The Arlington, Naples (AR)
Aston Gardens, North Naples (AG)
Bentley Village, North Naples (BV)
Bonita Bay Community Assoc., Bonita (BB)
Brooks Enrichment Center, Bonita (BR)
The Collaboratory, Ft. Myers (CO)
Cypress Cove, Ft. Myers (CC)
FGCU Main Campus, Ft. Myers (FG)
Grey Oaks Country Club, Naples (GR)
Hideaway Beach Club, Marco island (HB)
The Island Country Club, Marco island (IC)
Moorings Park Grande Lake, Naples (GL)
Moorings Park at Grey Oaks, Naples (GO)
Moorings Park Original Campus, Naples (MP)
Naples Center, Naples (NC)
Siena Lakes, North Naples (SL)
The TwinEagles Club, North Naples (TE)
United Church of Marco Island, Marco (UC)
Wyndemere Country Club, Naples (WC)  

(see page 4 of the Winter-Spring 2024 Program Guide for location addresses)    

FGCU Academy

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Classic Safari: Kenya & Tanzania
August 13-28, 2024 
16 days for $11,196  

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Exploring Iceland
August 15-25, 2024  
11 days for $6,692  

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Southern Italy & Sicily
September 4-18, 2024  
15 days for $6,674  

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Scotland: Highlands & Islands
September 9-20, 2024  
12 days for $5,896   

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Sensations of Lyon & Provence
2024 River Cruise
September 17 – 28, 2024
12 days from $5,469  

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Jewels of the Rhine
2024 River Cruise
September 20 – 30, 2024
11 days from $4,925   

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Provincial French Countryside
September 27-October 11, 2024 
15 days for $6,297  

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New Zealand Adventure
October 10-25, 2024  
16 days for $8,124  

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Southeast Asia Odysseys
October 31-November 18, 2024 
19 days for $7,597  

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Travel Abroad with FGCU Academy  
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