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Symphony at the MACC  Harmony in Sensation: A Sensory-Friendly Concert

APRIL 28 | 3:00 PM

Music & Arts Community Center

13411 Shire Ln, Fort Myers, FL 33912

The Gulf Coast Symphony fellows will present their first sensory-friendly concert for audience
members with autism and related disabilities. The reality is that the traditional concert-going
experience is inaccessible to many in our community. To improve the current culture of classical
music, the Gulf Coast Symphony welcomes people with sensory disabilities and their friends and
family to an innovative and friendly concert experience. Guests can expect:

A welcoming environment, modified to accommodate attendees. Everyone is encouraged to
experience music in the way they find most comfortable
Reduced stimuli in the form of dimmed lights and muted sounds
Flexible seating, entry, and exit
Headphones for individuals who are sound-sensitive (bringing your own is encouraged)
Fidgets, and a quiet/cool-down space available
Scarves, feather boas, and sensory/fidget toys

Sensory Friendly FAQs  

What kind of music will we hear?  
Most symphony concerts feature a specific era/style of music or major multi-movement such as
a symphony or concerto. This performance is designed around our audience. Each member of
our fellowship program has selected a work they hope you will enjoy!  

Do I need to have autism or a related disability to attend?
No! This program intends to accommodate individuals with disabilities and their families, but the
broader community may attend. We only ask that all attendees be respectful of all audience members.
Some will have needs you may not anticipate, and that may make you uncomfortable. However, it is
our responsibility as a venue to accommodate everyone so we all can enjoy the experience.  

How much does it cost?
Through the generosity of our donors, this concert is free, making it as accessible as possible. However,
to ensure a cap of 100 audience members, we are requiring ticket reservations.
Gulf Coast Symphony, PO Box 60878, Fort Myers, FL 33906, United States
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