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Spotlight on Health & Housing as Root Causes of Poverty


Click the above graphic to learn about the 10 root causes of poverty.

The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative is
America’s first comprehensive Chamber-led strategy to cut childhood poverty in half,
ensure all third graders are reading at grade level, and champion diverse and equitable
practices in the workplace.  

Opportunity Insights is a monthly newsletter released by the Florida Equality of
Opportunity Initiative to unite Florida’s leaders around the 10 root causes of poverty
and ways to address each root cause with replicable solutions down to the zip code
level. This issue focuses on Health & Housing.

Join Us for Next Week’s Complimentary Webinar Addressing Florida’s
Health & Housing Crises  

Representatives from Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare and Florida Housing
Coalition will be helping us lead an important conversation on improving health
and housing outcomes in Florida, February 15, 10:00a-11:00a ET, during our
next Root Cause Matters webinar.  

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Prioritizing Health & Housing on the Path to Prosperity
A local level analysis


Local-level health and housing analysis and comparison for Leon County zip codes
32304 and 32312

Lack of access to essential resources in Florida’s communities creates barriers to prosperity for
Floridians. Each of the 10 root causes of poverty poses its own set of challenges but certainly
impacts the others. This leads to a perpetual interconnected cycle, exacerbating the issues that
feed generational poverty. For example, lack of transportation can create obstacles to attending
school and achieving important educational outcomes. A lack of quality education can lead to
limited job opportunities. Without job opportunities and sustainable income, the already limited
availability of affordable housing becomes even more sparse. If housing is not safe, affordable,
or in proximity to important health institutions, this contributes to disproportionate health access
and outcomes and causes a mental strain on the population.  

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What We Are Reading: Health & Housing      

Central Florida group offers free mental care for uninsured kids

The Mental Health Association of Central Florida is expanding its commitment to addressing
mental health by offering no-cost mental health services to uninsured and low-income youth and
their families through its Outlook Clinic in downtown Orlando. Initially focused on adults, the
clinic recognizes the increased demand for children and teenager mental health care. Mental Health
America’s 2023 analysis, reveals that 62% of Florida’s youth diagnosed with major depression do
not receive treatment, placing Florida 44th in the nation for mental health care access. To ensure a
path to prosperity for all of Florida’s children, and to reach our Florida 2030 Blueprint goal of mak-
ing Florida a top 5 state for overall well-being, it is imperative Florida’s children have the resources
needed to thrive, such as adequate access to healthcare, including but not limited to mental health

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Airbnb reveals new panel to address housing affordability crisis

Airbnb is stepping up to tackle the housing affordability crisis felt across the U.S., while reiterating
their commitment to support communities and generate tourism dollars, especially in communities
historically underserved/overlooked. Airbnb has developed a new expert housing council to help boost
housing supply and make homes more affordable. They have committed to a $3 million donation to sup-
port a nonprofit in California focused on addressing housing and are supporting an initiative in Colorado
that will work to fund workforce housing.    

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Promising Practices:
Replicable Solutions to Improve Health and Housing Outcomes in Florida  

Transforming Care, While Advancing Health and Community Outcomes  

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH), a not-for-profit community healthcare system located in
Tallahassee, FL, is dedicated to improving lives across Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, and Wakulla counties.
TMH collaborates with a wide range of partners and stakeholders to address community health needs
effectively. Their current comprehensive approach is detailed in their 2023-2025 Community Health
Needs Assessment (CHNA) Implementation Strategy Report.  

Notable community programs TMH is involved in include the Southside Farmers Market and Fresh Fruit
and Vegetable Rx Program, designed to improve access to and consumption of fresh produce among South-
side Tallahassee residents.   

TMH will be joining us on our upcoming webinar to discuss the role healthcare access plays in securing
the path to prosperity in Florida. Register here>.  

Read TMH’s CHNA Implementation Strategy Report


A Cornerstone of Community Health and Support   Baptist Health Care has evolved into the North
west Florida region’s leading not-for-profit health system, committed to the Pensacola community, and
ensuring community needs are at the forefront of their decisions. Their current comprehensive approach
to care is detailed in their 2023-2025 Community Health Implementation Strategy.  

In 2023, Baptist solidified its commitment to the community, engaging in over 44,000 encounters and
contributing more than 800,000 hours of service, totaling a $2.7 million community impact. Innovative
programs like “Faith Fill Up” for gas insecurity and wellness seminars, with over 1,500 attendees, high-
light Baptist’s ongoing efforts to extend care beyond its walls, promising a future of continued excellence
and community support.   

Read Baptist Health Care’s CHNA Implementation Strategy


A Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Homelessness in Broward  

Broward County’s Homeless Initiative Partnership: A Beacon of Hope is the backbone of the
Broward County Homeless Continuum of Care (HCoC) Board, their mission is to ensure that
every resident of Broward County has a place they can call home. The success of the initiative
can be attributed to their commitment to collaboration, and ability to bring together community
organizations, advocates, residents, and local businesses to address homelessness in Broward

The Broward County Homeless Continuum of Care offers two interactive community dash-
boards that shed light on the current state of homelessness in Broward and the progress being
made to eradicate it. These dashboards depict data points such as total number of individuals
served in a specific time period and demographics, allowing for transparent and real-time data
to help move the needle to address homelessness in Broward.    

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Improving and Increasing Affordable Housing Solutions in Florida  

The Florida Housing Coalition aims to make affordable housing accessible to all by offering
expert advice and education, supporting community initiatives, and advocating for effective
housing policies in Florida. Their mission is driven by the notion that affordable housing is key
to revitalizing communities and sparking economic growth.    Florida Housing Coalition’s perm-
anent housing efforts are making strides in reducing homelessness and enhancing the quality of
life across Florida.   The Florida Housing Coalition will be joining us on our upcoming web-
inar to discuss the role affordable and accessible housing plays on the path to prosperity in

Register here>.  

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View County, State, and Nationwide Promising Practices  

As we work to secure the path to prosperity for ALL Floridians under the direction of the Florida
2030 Blueprint, the Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative recognizes the collective effort of
businesses, nonprofits, community leaders, and volunteers across Florida and beyond who are work-
ing to bring positive change to their communities.  

Click the button below to view replicable, promising practices that have been implemented at a
county-wide, state-wide, and national level.  

View More Promising Practices


Have a Promising Practice to Share?  

Let us know what your organization is doing to secure the path to prosperity in Florida or combat
one or more of the 10 root causes of poverty.  

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poverty down to the zip code level in Florida.  

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