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Local counties introduce Titan the Turtle mascot
Charlotte, Collier and Lee counties remind families that plastic bags don’t belong in recycle carts

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA (Apr. 5, 2022) – Charlotte, Collier and Lee counties are proud to introduce Titan, a sea turtle mascot with an important message for children and families: SWFL be smart. No plastic bags in recycle carts.

Earth Day, observed annually on April 22, celebrates our environment and creates awareness about pollution among other things. This year’s theme is to “Invest In Our Planet.” One way to help is through proper recycling practices, and Titan will help by spreading this important message.

Please take the opportunity to make this a family effort and teach children by example that plastic bags do not belong in recycling carts. Keep materials loose in the carts. Properly dispose of or reuse plastic grocery bags and other types of plastic bags such as garbage bags and newspaper sleeves. Use #SWFLRecycleSmart when posting on social media platforms to show how you’re helping to recycle smart.

Like our pages on Facebook:, and Visit often to keep up on recycling tips and activities. Please share our: SWFL be smart. No plastic bags in recycle carts posts and use #SWFLRecycleSmart to help spread the word and improve recycling efforts.

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Recycling is easy once you understand the basics, and it’s the right thing to do. Each of us has a responsibility to keep our neighborhoods clean and make the best of our resources. Here’s what you can do:

Don’t bag it! Be smart. Leave recyclables loose and free in your recycling carts.
Recycling facilities cannot process materials when they are placed in plastic bags.

Return plastic grocery bags to the store. Plastic grocery bags get tangled in the machinery that processes recyclables, causing damage and possible injuries to workers, so it’s best to return them to the store. There are usually designated collection bins near the entrance.

Reuse. Find multiple uses for plastic bags. Get creative! You can also buy reusable shopping bags instead of using plastic bags.

When in doubt, throw it out! If you are unsure if any item belongs in your recycling, dispose of it properly.

Get others involved. Make it a group effort and share your knowledge with family, friends and neighbors so they can properly recycle, too.

We must also do our part to keep our beaches and the natural Florida environment pristine to enjoy, preserve and pass on to future generations. It feels good to know you are helping to make Southwest Florida better, and it shows. People travel from around the globe to enjoy this beautiful place we call home.

Southwest Florida does a great job recycling. Let’s make it count. By recycling properly, our efforts will have a much greater impact as more of the material you place in your cart can be utilized. For ideas and information about how to properly recycle in Southwest Florida, visit

About Lee County Solid Waste
Ranked second in the state for recycling in 2021, Lee County was recently awarded an Outstanding Achievement award by the State of Florida reflecting the enthusiasm and dedication to recycling shown by its businesses and residents. Consistently placed in the top five for the last decade, Lee County Solid Waste continues to implement programs that make recycling, resource recovery and responsible waste management easier. The department pledges to strive for even more effective and sustainable solutions for the future. Learn more at

About Charlotte County Solid Waste Division
The Charlotte County Solid Waste Division ensures the 190,000 residents who call Charlotte County home, have a variety of convenient and safe ways to dispose of their recycling and waste. The Solid Waste Division owns and operates two mini transfer and recycling facilities conveniently located within the county for residential disposal of household hazardous waste, yard debris, construction debris, and a convenient drop off location for recyclables. The Solid Waste Division also owns and operates a full-scale landfill processing up to 300,000 tons of waste annually and collects enough energy from the gas collection system to power 3,000 homes for one year. Charlotte County has been awarded for its efforts in recycling by FDEP for exceeding the state mandated recycling goal of 75% and achieving the highest traditional recycling rate in the state of Florida!

About Collier County Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Division
Collier County aims to deliver best value, high quality, sustainable solid waste management services that meet our customers’ expectations. Collier County is ranked 4th in the state with a recycling rate of 74 percent. Collier County aspires to lead in environmental stewardship with the goal to keep our beaches, lakes and natural preserves pristine for future generations. Collier County educates residents on the importance of sustainability, recycling and preserving paradise. For more information, visit

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