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Time is running out! The Cleveland Avenue Listening Session is
just 6 days away – your chance to have a say in shaping the future
of this vibrant community.    

Do you dream of a Cleveland Avenue that reflects who you are?
Imagine thriving local businesses, beautiful green spaces, and a
neighborhood that buzzes with life. This vision can become reality –
but we need your voice!    

Join us at the Listening Session:
March 19, 2024 at 5:30 PM  

Lee Memorial Hospital

Don’t miss this critical opportunity to:
Make your voice heard: Share your ideas for the future of Cleveland
Shape the development plan: Your insights are essential to ensure the
plan reflects the needs of the community.
Invest in your future: Help create a neighborhood that benefits residents,
businesses, and everyone who loves Cleveland Avenue.  


Every voice matters. Here’s what you gain by attending:

Direct influence: Get your ideas heard by the decision-makers shaping
the development plan.

Learn more: Gain firsthand insight into the current plans and ask your

Network with neighbors: Build connections with fellow residents and
business owners who share your passion for Cleveland Avenue.  


RSVP Today  

Don’t wait! This is your last chance to become an architect of Cleveland Avenue’s future.

Mar 19   Listening Session: Cleveland Avenue Redevelopment Plan Update  


Shape the Future: Your input will directly influence the development projects and
enhancements in our beloved downtown.

Community Impact: By participating, you help prioritize what matters most to our
residents and businesses.

Transparency in Action: Experience firsthand how redevelopment decisions are made
and funds are distributed.

Educational Opportunity: Learn about the complexities and challenges of urban planning
in a fun and engaging way.

Leave Your Mark: This is more than a plan; it’s a legacy for future generations that starts
with you.  

Register   Free

1400 Jackson Street,
Fort Myers, FL 33901
[email protected]

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