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Jazz at the MACC:
Modern Creations, New Jazz by the Composers
APRIL 18| 7:00 PM
Music & Arts Community Center

13411 Shire Ln, Fort Myers, FL 33912

Join us for an extraordinary evening of jazz music that celebrates the art of original composition
and showcases the remarkable talent of the Gulf Coast Jazz Collective.

Hosted at the Music & Arts Community Center (MACC), this exceptional concert will feature a
group of highly skilled musicians who are breaking new ground in the world of jazz. These talent-
ed artists will take the stage to perform their very own compositions, offering a unique and fresh
perspective on the genre.

“Modern Creations” will explore the cutting-edge of jazz, with the musicians fearlessly pushing
the boundaries of traditional jazz music. Their original songs will reflect a wide array of influences,
from contemporary jazz to elements of world music, funk, and beyond. Be prepared for an eclectic
blend of sounds that captivates the mind and stirs the soul.

The Gulf Coast Jazz Collective is a group of passionate and visionary musicians who bring their
individual voices to the ensemble, creating a harmonious and exciting musical conversation. Their
performances promise to be an exploration of creativity, improvisation, and collective synergy,
making each moment unique and unforgettable.

For jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike, this show offers an incredible opportunity to witness
the birth of new jazz expressions, straight from the hearts and minds of the performers. Experience
the joy of witnessing these artists’ musical stories unfold, and embrace the spirit of artistic innovation
that has defined jazz throughout its rich history. Join us as we celebrate the art of original jazz com-
positions and the exceptional talent of the Gulf Coast Jazz Collective. Let their music take you on a
journey of modern creations and experience the future of jazz, happening right here at “Jazz at the
239.277.1700 |

About the Gulf Coast Jazz Collective 

Experience jazz unlike anywhere else in Southwest Florida! The Gulf Coast Jazz
collective, led by drummer, teacher, composer, and arranger, Paul Gavin also features
bassist Brandon Robertson, and pianist Zach Bartholomew. 
239.277.1700 |

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