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Gulf Coast Symphony at the MACC

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to experience the magic of the Gulf Coast
Symphony in the splendid setting of the Music & Arts Community Center. Whether you’re
a long-time fan of classical music or someone seeking a memorable night out, this series is
sure to be a treat for all.

Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5
NOVEMBER 18 | 7:30 &
NOVEMBER 19 | 3:00

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 is a symphonic gem
renowned for its emotional depth, powerful melodies,
and impeccable orchestration. Under the baton of
conductor Andrew M. Kurtz, the Gulf Coast Symphony
promises an unforgettable performance that will stir your
soul and transport you to the rich soundscapes of the
Romantic era.


Beethoven Symphony No.4
JANUARY 13 | 7:30 &
JANUARY 14 | 3:00

Join us for an evening of symphonic marvels as
we traverse the realms of Beethoven’s Symphony
No. 4 and Liebermann’s Flute Concerto. Let the
Gulf Coast Symphony’s magical performance at
the MACC transport you to a world of harmony
and musical brilliance.


Haydn: Lord Nelson Mass with Fort Myers
Symphonic Mastersingers
FEBRUARY 17 | 7:30 &
FEBRUARY 18 | 3:00

Join us for an evening of sublime musical grandeur as
the Gulf Coast Symphony and Fort Myers Symphonic
Mastersingers unite to bring Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass
to life. Together, we will embark on a journey of sonic
splendor that will resonate in our hearts long after the
final note.


Brahms Symphony No.4
APRIL 20 | 7:30 &
APRIL 21 | 3:00

Prepare to be enchanted as the symphony presents the
grand and majestic Brahms Symphony No. 4, a master-
piece that will stir your soul and leave you in awe.


Music & Arts Community Center
13411 Shire Ln, Fort Myers

Immerse yourself in the beauty of music! Join us
for the Gulf Coast Symphony at the MACC series.
Unforgettable performances await, so don’t miss
your chance to experience the magic. Get your
tickets now and be part of something extraordinary!


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