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  1. Corridors of Opportunity

    The goal in our Commercial Corridors is to have an overall development strategy. This is an opportunity to generate wealth for our residents and support our local economy. When we reach our goals together, we improve our community, and in doing so, we provide success for the developer, the city, and the neighborhood dynamic. We strive to understand the challenges and opportunities for smart growth.

  2. Pathways to Economic Development

    Making a long-term difference in our community needs a vision bigger than ourselves. We need targeted activities to improve the economic wellbeing and quality of life of Fort Myers. By building wealth, diversifying the economy, creating, and retaining jobs, we can build the local tax base.

  3. Health Outcomes

    We support health care innovation in our region. Healthcare/medical device industry clusters are improving health outcomes. It's more than our beautiful climate that is improving your health, it's our business climate as well.

  1. Business Challenges

    What's next for your business? Keeping up with market changes can be built with strategic partnerships and networking. Understanding what the market will bear and solving productivity challenges are key factors to maintain your competitive advantage. Information on grants outside the City of Fort Myers

  2. Building Community

    Catalyzing development opportunities and improving the value created for our neighbors and neighborhoods are what builds a strong community. There are new ways to do business to meet the needs of the community and we continue to aspire to build a strong community.

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