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November 2023      
FGCU Academy What Does Thankfulness Mean to You?    

Greetings, To reference an old adage, those who have a spirit of thankfulness usually see
their life glass as half full, while those who struggle to find the positive in life and express
gratefulness often see it as half empty. Regardless of which glass you drink from each day,
there are ways to cultivate a thankful heart, which, in turn, can lead to a host of positive
benefits, such as better health, higher productivity, healthier relationships, more satisfaction
with life, relief from stress, and defense against depression.  

FGCU Academy is thankful to see so many new faces along with the old ones this Fall. We
had a successful Wine Tasting Event this past week and we have a sold out bus trip to Little
Havana this Tuesday. Registrations have increased for lectures as well.  

We are currently putting our Winter/Spring 2024 program guide together and it is looking good.
Many new and interesting topics. Look for this program guide in mid-December online. Print
copies will be available at local libraries throughout Lee and Collier counties by end of Decem-
ber. Mail copies will go out first week of January.  

Everyone is invited and welcome to take classes at ANY of our locations. Make sure to register
early as space can be limited.  

For assistance with registration – call our office (239) 434-4737, and we will be more than happy
to assist you.


Click Below to view any topic  

FGCU Academy Website
View Fall Program Guide
Register Online
November Daily Calendar
Day Trips & Special Events  

For assistance with registration – Call 239.434.4737    

FGCU Academy and Mare Terra Restaurant  

Thank you to all who came out and joined us for a fun time at our Appetizers with
Wine Pairing Social Event at Mare Terra. Owner Sal Sinzieri and his amazing staff
out-did themselves for this special event. Our sommelier Kiril Tsarev was well versed
in his knowledge of the wines that were paired with the wonderfully planned plates of
food prepared by Mare Terra’s chef. Everything was perfect!  

We look forward to hosting more events like this to share with all of you!




FGCU Academy 2024 Travel Open House  

Join FGCU Academy online as we formally unveil our 2024 travel excursions including
Kenya & Tanzania, Iceland, Southern Italy & Sicily, Scotland, Provincial France, New
Zealand and Southeast Asia. This year we also are featuring two remarkable river cruises,
Sensations of Lyon & Provence and Jewels of the Rhine. Nine exciting and luxurious tours
are planned for the upcoming travel season starting in May 2024, and we invite you to learn
about them all. Through unique and interesting itineraries, participants experience life outside
the classroom, visit historic sites with local guides, experience another culture – its customs,
cuisine, language and history – and delight in conversation and laughter with fellow explorers
who share a love of travel and a sense of adventure.  
@ Cypress Cove | November 17 | 10 – 11:30 am
@ TwinEagles | November 20 | 4 – 5:30 pm
@ Bentley Village | November 21 | 10 – 11:30 am  

Free to everyone…  

The Making of Modern China
@ Naples Center or Online via Zoom |
November 14 | 10 – 11:30am  

China emerged from a “Century of Humiliation” and a 20-year civil war and is now one of the
world’s leading economies and global policy shapers. How did the Chinese governing system
evolve? Does China’s more authoritarian model meet the challenges of the 21st century? How
should the U.S. respond to China’s rise? This lecture reviews China’s global investment program
(Belt and Road Initiative) and considers the pros and cons of China’s approach to global economic
engagement. What are the long-standing traditions of China that are now incorporated into Com-
munist China? Is China really a Communist state with market characteristics? Where is China
headed? Join a 40-year national security affairs analyst as he examines all of these important

The Versailles Settlement
@ Naples Center or Online via Zoom |
November 14 | 10 – 11:30am  

By 1918, after four years of horrific war, the combatants of World War I were ready for peace.
The national leaders faced the daunting task of contending with collapsed empires, redrawing
the map of Europe, balancing fairness with a desire for revenge, paying for the appalling
devastation and soothing the bitter memory of war. This lecture explores the issues confronting
the “Big Four” and the debatable success of their solutions.

iPhone/iPad Settings: iCloud, Notifications,
Apple Pay, Emergency SOS and more
@ Naples Center or Online via Zoom |
November 14 | 10 – 11:30am  

Settings is one of the most important Apps on your iPhone/ iPad; it is where you customize
and control how your device functions. If you have not spent quality time in the Settings app,
you do not fully understand how your devices can work for you. This lecture-style presentation
explores how to configure the most important settings on your iPhone and iPad, including iCloud,
Notifications, Focus, Display & Brightness, Privacy, Emergency SOS, Apple Pay and many more.

Apple Watch Tips, Tricks & Secrets of the New Watch OS 10
@ Naples Center or Online via Zoom |
November 15 | 10 – 11:30am  

Join this lecture-style presentation as we explore the many features of the Apple Watch.
It’s not just about telling time, it’s about phone calls, email messages, maps, music, photos,
health tracking, Apple Pay, fall detection and so much more.

Are You an Informed Collier County Voter?
@ Moorings Park Grande Lake|
November 16 | 1:30 – 3 pm  

Most of us don’t know as much about what’s on our ballot as we’d like to – especially
the farther down the ballot we go. And yet the people we elect at the state and local levels
decide how much we pay in taxes and how that money is spent, the kinds of growth and
development that are allowed, how quickly our communities recover from hurricanes and
how they prepare for the future, who hires our school superintendent and what’s taught in
our local schools, and more. In this lecture, we will learn about the more than a dozen state
and local government offices that will be on our August 2024 ballot and who currently hold
them. Whether you are a new or long-time Collier resident, this lecture will help you be a
more informed voter.    


Miami Millionaire’s Row™ Boat Cruise & Bayside Marketplace
@ Miami | December 12
8 am – 6 pm  

Enjoy a fully-narrated 90-minute cruise and enjoy spectacular views of Biscayne Bay,
the Miami Skyline, Port of Miami, Fisher Island, Miami Beach and Millionaire’s Row™ –
the Homes of the Rich and Famous™. Soft drinks, cocktails and light snacks are available
for purchase. A modern yacht offers the utmost comfort and style. Each vessel features an
air-conditioned lower salon enclosed in picture windows, as well as an upper-deck where
you can take in the fresh ocean breeze and an awning that will protect you from direct sun-
light and light seasonal showers. After the cruise, enjoy time for some lunch and shopping
at the Bayside Marketplace, one of Miami’s most popular destinations. Departure inform-
ation will be emailed 3 days prior to trip. Itineraries are subject to change. No refunds
within 10 business days of departure.  


See a sample of what is coming over the next weeks
click on any title below for more information    

Monday November 13
Russian-American Paradox
Diana: Death of a Princess  

Tuesday November 14
iPhone/iPad: Tips, Tricks & Secrets of Apple’s Newest Operating System iOS 17
The Constitution and the New “Imperial Presidency”  

Thursday November 16
From Laboratory to Bedside – How Biopharmaceutical Companies Discover and Develop New Drugs
iPhone/iPad Apps: Camera and Taking Great Photos moved to November 30  

Friday November 17
Cutting the Cord now at FGCU Main Campus
Whatever Happened to the Great American Railroad?  

Monday November 20
King George III
Whatever Happened to the World’s Fair?  

Thursday November 23

Monday November 27
General Black Jack Pershing
Five Eyes: Global Espionage, Eavesdropping and the Collection of Communications Intelligence
Climate Change – Sources and Solutions  

Tuesday November 28
iPhone/iPad Apps: Apple Mail and Safari
Mary Queen of Scots  

Wednesday November 29
A Stunning Race: The Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Campaign 1960
Computer and Internet Security for Desktops, Laptops, Phones and Tablets  

Thursday November 30
Britain: The Morning Star of the Reformation  

Friday December 1
The Woman Question – Should They Vote!
Nuclear Power – The Essential Component in a Strategy to Mitigate Climate Change  

FALL Movie Series


International Film and Documentary Discussion Series (3 films)    

2:00 pmSundays at Naples Center  

International Film and Documentary Discussion Series (3 films)

Tell No One – November 12 – (France, 2008, Drama, Not Rated, 125 min)  

Margot was murdered by a serial killer eight years ago, and her husband, Alexandre,
continues to mourn her death. One day, the police discover two dead bodies near
Alexandre’s home, along with a cache of evidence implicating him in the crime. On
the same day, Alexandre receives an email with a video showing his wife alive and
well, along with a simple message: “Tell no one.” With the police breathing down
his neck, Alexandre goes on the run.  

About Elly – December 10 – (Iran, 2009, Drama, Rated PG, 119 min)  

A young teacher on a vacation to northern Iran with three middle-class families goes
missing before she is able to be introduced to a suitor.  

Bring FGCU Academy to Your Community      

If you would like to have FGCU Academy provide programs at your community,
click below and send us an email with your information: who the contact person is,
their email and phone number along with name of your community. We will be happy
to reach out and discuss the possibilities with them.  

Schedule a Private Education Session for Your Community!      

Travel The World With FGCU Academy
Travel is not reward for working, it’s education for living  

View our Pre-Recorded Travel Open House Presentation Now  

2024 recording coming soon!

FGCU Academy Travel 2024 
Call for More Info – 239-434-4838 
Travel Brochures Coming Soon

Classic Safari: Kenya & Tanzania, August 13-28, 2024 
“On safari” … it’s one of the most alluring phrases in all of travel. And Kenya and
Tanzania count among the most alluring places to be “on safari.” As our small group
travels from grasslands to highlands, to reserves and national parks, we enjoy intimate
game drives, see stupendous landscapes, stay in excellent accommodations, and meet
gracious local people.

Exploring Iceland, August 15-25, 2024    

It’s a surprising, even astonishing land; one of massive glaciers and rumbling volcanoes,
bubbling mud holes and powerful waterfalls; hugely abundant bird life and just 340,000
people; and where the sun never sets for six splendid weeks. It’s also perfect for exploring
in a small group, as we discover traveling the breadth of the country and getting an up-close
view of this natural “wonderland.”

Southern Italy & Sicily, September 4-18, 2024    

Delight in a special exploration of Italy’s southern climes, from striking Sicily and the
breathtaking Amalfi Coast to unheralded Apulia, the alluring “boot heel” where a vivid
history, unique architecture, and bountiful plains join the sun and sea in creating a prized
(and crowd-free) region. Add Italian hospitality, outstanding cuisine, and notable lodgings
for la dolce vita, small-group style.

Scotland: Highlands & Islands, September 9-20, 2024    

“My heart’s in the Highlands,” said Robert Burns – as will you, as we travel from city to
country, mainland to island, on this sweet journey. From loch to loch and glen to glen, we
encounter stunning natural beauty and welcoming clans, while city life serves up the color-
ful past – and cosmopolitan present.

Sensations of Lyon & Provence 2024 River Cruise September 17 – 28, 2024  

It is no surprise that the South of France is recognized as the birthplace of photography,
its unrivaled beauty includes the finest examples of French 15th-century architecture,
with Roman ruins and sun-soaked vineyards nestled at the foot of colossal mountain
ranges. Spend three nights in Nice along the stunning French Riviera and enjoy a visit
to Monte Carlo, playground of the rich and famous. Sail the Rhône and Saône Rivers
while exploring ports of call in Chalon-sur-Saône, Lyon, Tournon, Viviers, Avignon
and Arles, all the while experiencing the rich history and picturesque beauty of
Southern France.  

View Brochure

Jewels of the Rhine, 2024 River Cruise September 20 – 30, 2024  

Enjoy a cruise on the romantic Rhine River where UNESCO World Heritage sites,
gothic cathedrals in Cologne and Strasbourg, historic fortresses, and picturesque
canals greet you in the various ports of call. Sail through the scenic Rhine Gorge
and experience the beauty and splendor of the Rhine. Along with the two-night
stay in Lucerne, Switzerland, set against the dramatic Swiss Alps, you’ll have
an amazing holiday on this adventure with Mayflower Cruises and Tours.  

View Brochure

Provincial French Countryside, September 27-October 11, 2024   

Experience the beauty, allure, and hospi­tality of provincial France, at an easy pace and in a
unique style. Anchored by stays in vibrant Toulouse and enchanting Paris, the journey ­features
diverse Languedoc, the remote Dordogne, the lovely Loire Valley, and historic Normandy as we
stay in charming rural inns and small country hotels. It’s a small group tour de force!

New Zealand Adventure, October 10-25, 2024    

It’s a tale of two islands as our small group journeys from New Zealand’s North to its South,
through lively cities and pristine fiords, past lush farmland and enchanted forests in a land
where the outdoors is the national shrine. Add engaging “Kiwis” and intriguing indigenous
cultures – it’s a pure New Zealand experience.

Southeast Asia Odysseys, October 31-November 18, 2024   

Engaging, diverse, intriguing … This just begins to describe Southeast Asia and our small
group odyssey. We cruise the Mekong through Laos; explore the spectacular – Angkor Wat –
and the sublime – Ha Long Bay; and engage with local farmers and hill tribespeople on this
comprehensive, well-paced adventure      

FGCU Academy Needs Your Support Today to Ensure that Our Critical Mission of
Senior Education and Enrichment Continues!  

FGCU Academy is ready to serve the SWFL community for the 2023 Season—Learning,
Growing, Sharing, Socializing. I am excited to welcome you this year to the new FGCU
Naples Center, which is located at 704 Goodlette Frank Rd N, Suite 330 in Naples. Also,
we have two new locations in Lee County, Pelican Landing in Bonita Springs and the
FGCU Kleist Center on main campus. As always, both locations are open to all our

Our passion keeps us moving forward and your donations will do the same. Please take a
few minutes to consider donating to ensure our continued success. All amounts make a
difference in strengthening the work we do in the community.  

Your gift will allow the Academy to offer more than 1,500 diverse and fascinating programs
at more than fifteen locations throughout SWFL. Please visit our website to review the rich
and varied programmatic offerings that are available this year. Through our mission we promise
to enrich the lives, minds and social well-being of more than 10,000 SWFL adults and seniors
during our 2023 season.  

Donate online at  

I am grateful for your consideration to support this vital community outreach program this year.  

I look forward to seeing you at a FGCU Academy program soon. Please contact me directly at 
[email protected] or 239-434-4838 with questions or to learn more.  

In gratitude, John J. Guerra Director of FGCU Academy


FGCU Academy
Collier / Lee / Charlotte

704 Goodlette-Frank Rd N
Suite 330
Naples, FL 34102  

[email protected]
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