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Opening Friday, Feb. 23 at 7:30 pm!
No two shows are the same! Check out the Q&A with Jeff Lindsay below.

Dexter, the Improv Musical
Feb. 23-24 at 7:30 pm and
Feb. 25 at 2:00 pm.  

Jeff Lindsay, the creator of Dexter Morgan, has written more than his Dexter
and Riley Wolfe novels. He’s also written over two dozen plays for theatre,
and he did improv comedy in L.A. And now he’s written something new that
combines all three; Dexter the (Improv) Musical is coming to the Alliance for
the Arts stage.  

“It’s not a play,” Lindsay says. “It’s an Un-Play. There’s a script, but we never
really know what’s in it. It’s always different – a world premiere every night.”  

Conceived with Josie Music Award-winning producer and composer Julian 
Sundby, the show changes at each performance due to audience participation.
Some of it is scripted, some of it is made up, and all of it is Dexter, your favorite
darkly-dreaming do-gooder.  

Parental Discretion is advised. Graphic content, (fake) blood, and adult

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Q & A with the playwright, Jeff Lindsay  

Q: I’m pretty sure most people are aware of your career writing the
darkly-dreaming Dexter Morgan series. You also have written several
plays, tell us a little about your theatre background.  

A: I made my acting debut at 6, running across the stage and shouting,
“The giant is coming!” Loved the experience but I thought the dialogue could
be improved. I was already a published writer — some of my poems were in a
big anthology of kids’ poems. I fooled around with acting all through college,
and I was writing stories, sketches for the radio, stuff like that. In grad school
I finally combined it all and started writing plays. I wrote a revue for the Pitts-
burgh City Players, a play for a friend’s project, workshop stuff. Went to L.A.
and had few more plays produced there. One of them was done in London &
NY, too. And of course, THE CAVE was done here at the Alliance.    

Q: Rumor has it that the show will be crazy fun and plenty of blood will spill.
Should the first two rows prepare for the show like a Gallagher stand up show?  

A: Yeah, I knew about Gallagher. Still spitting seeds… I don’t think we’ll have a
spillage problem. Our set designer has come up with a brilliant plan that should
prevent that. But you never know…there will be blood. As for crazy fun — yup.
Who wants to see serious improv? And watching somebody trying to make up
a song in front of an audience — damn! What rhymes with “blood?” — is great
fun. People love to watch somebody else sweat.

Q: Is Dexter the Improv Musical similar to the book and TV show?
What should fans expect from the show?  

A: Dexter the (improv) Musical is not similar to anything, as far as I know.
The three main characters are recognizable but come on — it’s improv. That
means we don’t know what’s going to happen, or how. All I can really say
about it is it will be surprising and fun — for me, too.  

Q: Who is your favorite playwright?  

A: I don’t believe in having one favorite anything. It’s too limiting, and people
have moods, people change. But a short list would include Shakespeare (duh),
Sam Shepard, David Mamet and Cyril Turneur.  

Q: Any final pitch for people to see the show?  

A: Let’s see… How about, “If you don’t see this show, there’s something wrong
with you!” Of course, if you really want to see it, there’s also something wrong
with you. Seriously — which is hard for me — the show is unique, and seeing it
now gives you the chance to say you saw it when it was first born, long before
it won all those Tonys, Pulitzers, etc. see what I mean about serious being hard?      

In the Art House Cinema


Don’t miss the exclusive screening of Breaking the News- part of the Southern Circuit
Tour of Independent Filmmakers. Seeking to buck the white male status quo, a group
of women and LGBTQ+ journalists launch a news startup asking who’s been omitted
from mainstream coverage, and how to include them.  

WGCU’s Tara Calligan will be hosting a Q & A session with Heather Courtney, Director
/ Producer / Cinematographer of Breaking the News. Popcorn and beverages will be
available. StoryCorps will also be on campus to continue the conversation!

Fringe Fort Myers 2024

May 30-June 2, 2024 • Fringe Fort Myers is the premier performing arts festival in South-
west Florida. Making it’s debut last year, Fringe Fort Myers is dedicated to supporting in-
dependent performers and artists while creating opportunities for diverse communities to
experience boundary-pushing theatre and live performances at affordable rates.  

Stay tuned for more details.  

For tickets, call 239-939-2787 or visit      

Alliance for the Arts  (239) 939-2787 • 10091 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers  


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