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Bank of America is committed to bridging opportunity gaps through access to free education.  One of the many ways we do this is through the creation of The Academy at Bank of America.  The Academy is Bank of America’s training and

professional development organization dedicated to the growth and success of our local communities and teammates. 

The US workforce is facing many changes and challenges.  We can help be part of the solution by engaging our communities to build skills and talent pipelines.  We do this through education and empowerment.  By offering educational resources across our community we can empower learners to enter today’s job market confident and prepared. 

We are inviting you and your clients to take advantage of Bank of America’s professional development workshops for free: 

Career Readiness


Time Management

Customer Interactions

Grow Your Career

Emotional Wellness

Skill-Specific Learning

Working in a Remote Environment

Back to School

Banking Essentials

Credit Basics

Cyber Awareness

Financial Wellness

Thriving Minds

Emotional Intelligence

Critical Thinking

Team Work

Technology Essentials


Workplace Conduct

Digital Awareness

Explore our educational resources to enhance your skills, boost your confidence, grow your business or navigate the job market.

The Academy at Bank of America offers live, virtual webinars focused on your career journey, financial wellness, and skill development. Additional on-demand content includes Bank of America resources, and relevant articles and videos from the internet.  Review the attached brochure, scan the QR code and sign up for as many free classes as you want.

*Additional classes added throughout the year

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you.

Carina Guillard

Southwest Florida Market Executive
Local Market Organization

Bank of America
FL4-060-04-01, 13099 S. Cleveland Avenue, Suite 415, Fort Myers, FL  33907
T 239.390.4845   F 800.976.4565  M 239.634.5945
[email protected]

Welcome to Southwest Florida


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