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March 11 – 17  

Keep your mind active and engaged in the new year!
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Greetings, This week is Brain Awareness Week. What better time to celebrate!
FGCU Academy has so many topics this week for you to choose from to help
you celebrate and participate in Brain Awareness Week. Studies show that read
-ing and continued learning keep your brain active and helps keep you younger.
Check out this week’s lecture’s below and get registered for one now! Exercise
your brain!  

If you love orchids and want to learn how to grow orchids from seedlings, you
will want to join Dr. John Finer at Naples Botanical Gardens this Thursday,
March 14 at 1:30pm. You can view Dr. Finer’s You Tube Channel here.      




Call our offices anytime for assistance at 239.434.4737      

Glenview at Pelican Bay – 100 Glenview Pl., Naples, 34108

iPhone/iPad: Tips, Tricks and Secrets All Users Should Know
April 11 |
3 – 4:30pm, Thursday
Glenview at Pelican Bay  

Join this lecture-style presentation to learn all the new features,
upgrades and enhancements of Apple’s newest operating system
for iPhone and iPad, iOS 17. We explore tips, tricks and secrets
that make using your device easier, more powerful and efficient.
All levels from beginner to advanced users will benefit from this
informative and interesting program

Week of March 11 – March 15
Click on any topic below to learn more.

The Problem of Mass Incarceration in the U.S.
March 11 | 10 – 11:30am, Monday

Naples Center / Online via Zoom  

Incarceration is now one of the primary means of punishment for the
commission of crimes. Over five million people are under some form
of supervision by the criminal justice system. More than 1.2 million
people are incarcerated in state or federal prisons; over 700,000 are
housed in local jails; and over 800,000 people are on parole. How did
the trend towards mass incarceration develop and what is being done
to reverse its course?

Yoga Nidra Meditation: Become Relaxed and Serene (2-part series)  

March 12 | 9 – 10am, Tuesday

Naples Center / Online via Zoom  

From the comfort and peace of your own home, calm and reset your body
and mind through the practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation. We begin with
breathing exercises to relax the body as we ease into a guided meditation.
Yoga Nidra is the easiest form of meditation. It is an ancient sleep-based
meditation and very relaxing. People feel refreshed and their energy is re-
charged afterwards. Each session is equivalent to 3-4 hours of deep sleep.
Participants can sit in a chair, lie down on a sofa or yoga mat with a blanket.  

China – The Mandate of Heaven; Humiliation and Rebirth  

March 13 | 10 – 11:30am, Wednesday  
Bentley Village  

China is one of the places on earth, along with Egypt and Mexico, that created
civilization. For four thousand years, it ruled Asia. Belief in her superiority led
to stagnation. Humiliation followed. She is now experiencing her rebirth.
Napoleon once said “China is asleep. Let her sleep. When she awakens, the
world will be sorry.”

Religious Affiliation and Participation is
Declining in the U.S.: Why and So What?  

March 13 | 10 – 11:30am, Wednesday  

FGCU Main Campus (AB9) Room 106

The religious landscape of the and has been changing rapidly. In Pew
Research Surveys conducted in the last few years, 63% of American adults
described themselves as Christians, down 14% from a decade earlier. The
percentage of people who described themselves as atheist, agnostic or “no-
thing in particular,” was 29% — up from 17% in 2009. While enrollment in
Catholic schools has been growing in much of the global south, the situation
is different in developed countries. Catholic school enrollment in the U.S. to-
day is less than half of what it was 50 years ago.


FGCU Academy 2024 Travel Open House  

March 13 | 10:30 – 12pm, Wednesday  

Naples Center / Online via Zoom  

The “Down Under” countries of Australia and New Zealand are in a league of
their own. From the sandy tropical beaches of Cairns to the snowy mountains
of Queenstown in the Southern Alps, these two countries are often similar yet
very different. We experience majestic fjords, bubbling geysers, jungles, glaciers,
rainforests, empty deserts and bustling cities. We visit the world class cities of
Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne, experience the emptiness of the Outback,
dive the Great Barrier Reef, see the sunrise at Uluru the world’s largest rock
monolith, and visit the boiling springs and geysers of Rotorua.

Growing Orchids from Seed  

March 14 | 1:30pm, Thursday  

Naples Botanical Gardens

View You Tube Channel  

It may surprise you to know that most orchids that are sold in the big box stores
and specialty garden shops started their journal in a laboratory. Orchids are either
grown from seed or cloned from small shoot tips under sterile conditions, using a
process called “flasking.” Students learn how orchids are bred to make seeds and
how those seeds are placed in flasks, where they efficiently but slowly grow into
small seedlings. Once seedlings are mature, they can be removed from their flask
and acclimated to ambient conditions to continue their growth and eventually flower.


Understanding Economics – Limited Resources,
Unlimited Demand  

March 14 | 10:30am,

Thursday   The Collaboratory  

The so-called economic problem can be simply stated: How do you allocate limited
resources in the face of unlimited demand? The Malthusian Challenge points to the
discrepancy between growth of food (an arithmetic progression) and the growth of
population (a geometric progression). Much of economics may be understood in
terms of incentives, including the so-called law of supply and demand and questions
of self-interest. We address the troubling issue of inequality: causes, consequences,
and considerations.


Becoming More News Literate  

March 15 | 1:30pm, Friday  

Brooks Enrichment Center  

This talk pulls from FGCU’s 16-week News Literacy course that teaches
students how to become more discerning consumers of news. Participants
can expect to improve their critical thinking skills to judge the credibility
and reliability of information.      


The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg

March 28 | 8 – 6:30 pm, Thursday

St. Petersburg  

Our private, docent-led tour takes us through the highlights of the permanent collection
as well as a brand-new exhibition, The Shape of Dreams. The Shape of Dreams explores
500 years of dream-inspired paintings from the 16th to 20th century, demonstrating how
artists throughout time have depicted a profound yet common phenomenon of human
experience – the dream. The exhibition examines how Western artists have depicted
dreams for different audiences throughout time, exploring the continuity and disconnections
between the past and present. Our tour includes round-trip motor coach transportation, driver
gratuity, entrance fees, a private docent-led tour and audio guides. Lunch is on your own.
Departure information will be emailed 3 days prior to the trip. Itineraries are subject to change.
No refunds within 10 business days of departure

The Week Ahead  
Monday March 11
Beyond Snapshots: Taking the Best Photos
Immigration 2024: Crossroads of “Legal” and “Illegal” Immigration
Communication Competence: Respectful and Rewarding Interaction
Minimizing Taxes in Retirement
Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales
The Underestimated Presidency of Dwight Eisenhower and His Attempt to Demilitarize the Cold War
Climate Change – Sources and Solutions  

Tuesday March 12
Escape Your Filter Bubble: Learn to Talk With Those You Disagree With
The Making of Modern China
From Pumpkin Papers to Pentagon Papers: The Rosenberg Trial
Sam Walton and the Making of Walmart  

Wednesday March 13
Nature and Wildlife Photography
Chinese Intelligence
A Republic If You Can Keep It: America at a Crossroads
Spies and Espionage – Fact versus Fiction  

Thursday March 14
Voyage to Mars
World War II America
iPhone/iPad Calendar App  

Friday March 15
Supervised Mah Jongg Play for Intermediates
Pages Word Processor for the iPhone/iPad/Mac      

The Arlington, Naples (AR)
Aston Gardens, North Naples (AG)
Bentley Village, North Naples (BV)
Bonita Bay Community Assoc., Bonita (BB)
Brooks Enrichment Center, Bonita (BR)
The Collaboratory, Ft. Myers (CO)
Cypress Cove, Ft. Myers (CC)
FGCU Main Campus, Ft. Myers (FG)
Grey Oaks Country Club, Naples (GR)
Hideaway Beach Club, Marco island (HB)
The Island Country Club, Marco island (IC)
Moorings Park Grande Lake, Naples (GL)
Moorings Park at Grey Oaks, Naples (GO)
Moorings Park Original Campus, Naples (MP)
Naples Center, Naples (NC)
Siena Lakes, North Naples (SL)
The TwinEagles Club, North Naples (TE)
United Church of Marco Island, Marco (UC)
Wyndemere Country Club, Naples (WC)  

(see page 4 of the Winter-Spring 2024 Program Guide for location addresses)    

FGCU Academy

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2024 Travel Open House Presentation

Classic Safari: Kenya & Tanzania
August 13-28, 2024 
16 days for $11,196  

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Exploring Iceland
August 15-25, 2024  
11 days for $6,692  

View Brochure

Southern Italy & Sicily
September 4-18, 2024  
15 days for $6,674  

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Scotland: Highlands & Islands
September 9-20, 2024  
12 days for $5,896   

View Brochure

Sensations of Lyon & Provence
2024 River Cruise
September 17 – 28, 2024
12 days from $5,469  

View Brochure

Jewels of the Rhine
2024 River Cruise
September 20 – 30, 2024
11 days from $4,925    View Brochure

Provincial French Countryside
September 27-October 11, 2024 
15 days for $6,297  

View Brochure

New Zealand Adventure
October 10-25, 2024  
16 days for $8,124  

View Brochure

Southeast Asia Odysseys
October 31-November 18, 2024 
19 days for $7,597  
View Brochure

Travel Abroad with FGCU Academy  
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with registration or Click to View our Website        


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FGCU Academy is ready to serve the SWFL community for the Winter-Spring 2024
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more than nineteen locations, there is something for everyone. If we have had the
opportunity to meet in person or if you have heard me speak, I hope I was able to share
with you my passion about FGCU Academy and its mission to provide lifelong learning
and enrichment to the SWFL community. I believe it is critical to our well-being to keep
exploring new avenues for growth to keep our minds engaged in our past, present and

Since we are a non-credit programmatic offering, Florida Gulf Coast University can
provide $0.00 of support to the Academy. We must be financially self-sustaining.  

The fact is that the revenue generated through memberships and program fees provides
for only 50% of our annual operating costs. Additionally, our attendance has not yet re-
turned to pre-pandemic levels, so revenue is much lower than in the past.   

As an educator, I find myself slightly uncomfortable talking about the financial needs of
the Academy beyond thanking everyone for their participation. But, this year and for the
near future, it is important that I find the words to ask for additional support through
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Our passion keeps us moving forward and your donations will do the same. Please take a
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Your gift will allow the Academy to offer more than 1,000 diverse and fascinating programs
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John J. Guerra
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