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March 2023  

FGCU Academy Trivia Sunday    
Greetings, Everyone loves trivia. Let’s see how much you have learned from attending some of our art lectures with today’s trivia questions:
Which was the only painting Vincent van Gogh sold in his lifetime: “Harvest in Provence,” “Café Terrace at Night,” or “Red Vineyard at Arles”?

Which kind of painters were Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, and Degas: Impressionist, Expressionist, or Fauvist?

Which of these historical figures was born first: Joan of Arc, Leonardo da Vinci, or Marie Antoinette?

Last week of March – Last week to make a donation for Give Day
Thank you to all of you who made such generous donations. With your assistance we have raised close to $30,000. What an amazing feat! We succeeded in winning a $1000 matching prize and a $5,000 Flash Prize. Donations will continue to be accepted through the end of March if you still would like to participate. View our giving page here.  

For assistance with registration – call our office (239) 434-4737, and we will be glad to assist you.      

TRIVIA ANSWERS: 1. Red Vineyard at Arles; 2. Impressionist; 3. Joan of Arc (Joan of Arc was born in 1412, Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452, Marie Antoinette was born in 1755)    

Join Thomas Eastwood for an enlightening lecture of defectors, Russia’s influence and its effects on today
Western Defectors – Greener Grass? @ The Commons Club at The Brooks March 27 | 2 – 3:30 pm
Many Westerners have spied for Russia. Many were motivated by ideology and idealism. More recently avarice has been the main catalyst. This lecture explores Western defectors to Russia; what they did, why they did it and what they discovered. Topics include: NSA spies William Martin and Bernon Mitchell; Kim Philby and the Cambridge Five; CIA spy Edward Lee Howard; assassin Lee Harvey Oswald; and Edward Snowden.    

Should I Stay or Should I Move? Understanding the Senior Housing Options in SWFL @ Naples Center or Online via Zoom March 28 | 1:30 – 3:00 pm Join this interactive discussion about senior housing-related topics. When is the right time to consider a senior living community? What are the different types and costs of the senior living options in SWFL? What are the future trends in our area? What are the pros/cons of hiring home health care instead of moving? What are ways to pay for senior housing including VA Benefits, Medicare and Medicaid? What is the role of a senior housing advisor? What questions should people ask when touring?


CLICK HERE – March Daily Calendar  

CLICK HERE – April Daily Calendar  

Call us for assistance with registration – 239.434.4737

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When you purchase a membership, you are supporting lifelong learning in the SWFL community. As a token of our appreciation, we have a free gift for all those who Moviepurchase a membership, in-person or online. Visit the FGCU Naples Center at 704 Goodlette Frank Rd North to receive your free gift.  

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International Film and Documentary Discussion
(All movies begin at 2pm) Viewing held at Naples Center –
704 Goodlette-Frank Rd. N. – 3rd floor, Naples  

Note Date Change for Pain and Glory due to Easter Sunday being April 9th
* April 16 – Pain and Glory   
* April 23 – A Sun   

Join FGCU Academy for a casual afternoon enjoying the above movies and participating in open discussion afterwards with our moderator – John Guerra
Register early Advanced registration is strongly recommended    

FGCU Academy Day Trips  
April 3 – Vizcaya Mansion & Gardens Tour with Lunch
April 4 – The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg
remember to book your trips early as they sell out fast      

See a sample of what is coming over the next week
click on any title below for more information
Monday March 27, 2023
Trio of Traitors – Walker, Ames and Hanssen

The Creation of Germany

iPhone/iPad for Intermediates: All the Things You Never Knew

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Impressionist Painter of Beauty

An Early American Trio: Artists Copley, West and Stuart

Artemis: Return to the Moon by 2025

How the Modern Bible Came to Be

iPhone/iPad Maps and Messages Apps

Reflections of a Colored Girl

Indonesia: Land of Volcanoes and Dragons

U.S. National Security Council: Pivotal Role in Coordinating

U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy Friday Queen Elizabeth I – Gloriana    

Travel The World With FGCU Academy
Travel is not reward for working, it’s education for living  
View our Pre-Recorded Travel Open House Presentation Now


INSIDER’S JAPAN View Full Itinerary/Travel Brochure
May 20 – June 1, 2023 | 13 days

It’s a land of delicate art and bustling commerce, of rich traditions and dizzying modernity; a jumble of sights, sounds, and tastes that for visitors are truly foreign – and truly fascinating. This well-crafted tour features the highlights of Tokyo and Kyoto, engages us in local life, and takes us off the beaten path to the lovely historic cities of Takayama and Kanazawa.    

UNTAMED ALASKAView Full Itinerary/Travel Brochure
August 20 – 30, 2023 | 11 days
Awe-inspiring natural beauty and outdoor adventure await as we explore Alaska’s varied landscapes and noteworthy cities. From Denali, Wrangell-St. Elias, and Kenai Fjords national parks to the energy of Anchorage and scenic Seward, our small group encounters the breadth and beauty of America’s Last Frontier.    

LEGENDARY TURKEYView Full Itinerary/Travel Brochure
September 1 – 15, 2023 | 15 days Exotic sights, scents, and sounds reign in this fascinating land where Europe and Asia meet. From Istanbul, magnificent “Empress of the World,” to ancient ruins, stunning landscapes, and the dramatic – and legendary – Turquoise Coast, Turkey engages and beguiles, offering us an unparalleled small group experience.

ACROSS SPAIN & PORTUGALView Full Itinerary/Travel Brochure
September 10 – 26, 2023 | 17 days
Fortified cities and tiny fishing villages, rugged Atlantic coastline and commanding Pyrenees peaks, iconic shrines to both religion and fine art, and intimate lodgings in historic paradores and pousadas – it all awaits on this singular small group journey from Lisbon across the north of Spain, ending in vibrant Barcelona.    

PEARLS OF DALMATIAView Full Itinerary/Travel Brochure
September 14 – 28, 2023 | 15 days 
Independent, democratic Croatia welcomes visitors eager to absorb its remarkable history and culture – and its beautiful and unspoiled Dalmatian coastline. As our small group travels from historic Zagreb and beautiful Lake Bled to the Habsburg resort of Opatija, the island of Hvar, and beloved Dubrovnik, we see why this cherished region lays such a claim on the hearts of all who visit.    

SICILY IN DEPTHView Full Itinerary/Travel Brochure
September 28 – October 9, 2023 | 12 days
Crossroads of the Mediterranean … the “toe” in Italy’s boot … “God’s Kitchen” … Sicily is all this, and much more, as we see on our stellar small group journey around this Italian island. It’s lively cities and ancient ruins, temples of man – and of nature, hospitable people and delectable cuisine … a feast for all the senses.    

ISRAEL: TIMELESS WONDERSView Full Itinerary/Travel Brochure
October 14 – 25, 2023 | 12 days 
Encounter a land of extraordinary beauty and belief, of spirit and story, history and hospitality. From modern Tel Aviv to scen­ic Upper Galilee, ancient Tiberias and storied Nazareth to Jerusalem, “City of Gold,” we engage all our senses in a small group encounter with this extraordinary and holy land, with a five-night stay in Jerusalem at the legendary King David hotel.

FGCU Academy Travel 2024  Call for More Info – 239-434-4838  Travel Brochures will be available Summer 2023

Moroccan Discovery, May 12-27, 2024    
This land of dramatic contrasts invites us to encounter its ancient ruins and sacred mosques, endless desert and storied mountains, imposing kasbahs and spirited souks. As we travel from the imperial cities of Rabat, Fez, and Marrakech to the High Atlas and vast Sahara, we open our eyes, and hearts, to a truly foreign land, an age-old culture, and genuinely hospitable people.     

Classic Safari: Kenya & Tanzania, August 13-28, 2024   
“On safari” … it’s one of the most alluring phrases in all of travel. And Kenya and Tanzania count among the most alluring places to be “on safari.” As our small group travels from grasslands to highlands, to reserves and national parks, we enjoy intimate game drives, see stupendous landscapes, stay in excellent accommodations, and meet gracious local people.     

Exploring Iceland, August 15-25, 2024    
It’s a surprising, even astonishing land; one of massive glaciers and rumbling volcanoes, bubbling mud holes and powerful waterfalls; hugely abundant bird life and just 340,000 people; and where the sun never sets for six splendid weeks. It’s also perfect for exploring in a small group, as we discover traveling the breadth of the country and getting an up-close view of this natural “wonderland.” 

Southern Italy & Sicily, September 4-18, 2024    
Delight in a special exploration of Italy’s southern climes, from striking Sicily and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast to unheralded Apulia, the alluring “boot heel” where a vivid history, unique architecture, and bountiful plains join the sun and sea in creating a prized (and crowd-free) region. Add Italian hospitality, outstanding cuisine, and notable lodgings for la dolce vita, small-group style.     

Scotland: Highlands & Islands, September 9-20, 2024    
“My heart’s in the Highlands,” said Robert Burns – as will you, as we travel from city to country, mainland to island, on this sweet journey. From loch to loch and glen to glen, we encounter stunning natural beauty and welcoming clans, while city life serves up the colorful past – and cosmopolitan present.    

Provincial French Countryside, September 27-October 11, 2024   
Experience the beauty, allure, and hospi­tality of provincial France, at an easy pace and in a unique style. Anchored by stays in vibrant Toulouse and enchanting Paris, the journey ­features diverse Languedoc, the remote Dordogne, the lovely Loire Valley, and historic Normandy as we stay in charming rural inns and small country hotels. It’s a small group tour de force!     

New Zealand Adventure, October 10-25, 2024    
It’s a tale of two islands as our small group journeys from New Zealand’s North to its South, through lively cities and pristine fiords, past lush farmland and enchanted forests in a land where the outdoors is the national shrine. Add engaging “Kiwis” and intriguing indigenous cultures – it’s a pure New Zealand experience.

Southeast Asia Odysseys, October 31-November 18, 2024   
Engaging, diverse, intriguing … This just begins to describe Southeast Asia and our small group odyssey. We cruise the Mekong through Laos; explore the spectacular – Angkor Wat – and the sublime – Ha Long Bay; and engage with local farmers and hill tribespeople on this comprehensive, well-paced adventure                

FGCU Academy Collier / Lee / Charlotte FGCU ACADEMY NAPLES CENTER
704 Goodlette-Frank Rd N Suite 330
Naples, FL 34102  
FGCU Academy | 704 Goodlette-Frank Road N., Suite 330, Naples, FL 34102
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