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Fort Myers, FL. On March 17, the Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is proud to announce that its new Home Preservation Program will partner with Habitat for Humanity of Lee and Hendry Counties (Habitat). Homeowners with outstanding code violations may qualify to have projects/repairs completed by Habitat.
The maximum assistance is $25,000 owner-occupied dwellings with existing code compliance issues that need to be cured. The CRA and Habitat will be accepting applications April 1.
The Process
·     The CRA will provide Habitat for Humanity with a list of homes eligible to receive CRA funding.
·     Habitat will promote the program, distribute applications to the homeowners, collect and process applications.
·     Once approved by the CRA, Habitat will enter into a repair agreement with the homeowner, prepare lien documents, and perform repairs through the use of staff, subcontractors and volunteers.
·     Upon completion, the homeowner will sign a Certification of Completion. Habitat will prepare the final cost “invoice”, which will be submitted to the Fort Myers CRA for payment.
·     Habitat will record the lien document with the Lee County Clerk.
·     Habitat will retain the project file and provide the CRA with a “closeout packet.”
Eligibility Criteria
·     Property owners must be listed as applicant or co-applicant
·     The household must be a low-income household (below 80% of rht area’s median income AMI)
·     All adult household members must pass a criminal background check
·     Mortgage payments must be current (no reverse mortgages)
·     The property must not have any unpaid property tax liens, IRS lien, or judgment of any kind
·     The property must have at least one open code violation or have been referred by the Fort Myers CRA.
·     For more information, call the Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency at 239-321-7100.
The program is available for homeowners in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. redevelopment area. It has been designed according to the following:
·     The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & Veronica S. Shoemaker Blvds. (MLK & VSSB) redevelopment plan.
·     Florida Statute (FS) 163.50 – CRAs are to eliminate and prevent slum and blight, and encourage community community rehabilitation or conservation in a redevelopment area.
·     FS 163.340 (7) – Defines slum as a predominance of residential buildings that are impaired by dilapidation, deterioration, age, and obsolescence.
·     FS 163.340 (8) – Defines blight as symptoms of unsafe and unsanitary conditions, site deterioration and inadequate.
·     Fort Myers CRA Budget adopted for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.
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