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The Holiday Season Can Drive Higher Relapse Rates


This newsletter is going out to ARCHway’s National Following and to the ARCHway Board and Staff.



During the month of December ARCHway is running our Annual Holiday HOPE Campaign to Reduce Holiday Relapse. Our goals during the month are:

·         Provide educational material to families and individuals dealing with this disease on how they can have a plan to reduce stress during the Holidays and other measures to reduce risk of relapse. Our goal is to get this information to our followers so they can pass it along to friends and family knowing that 1 in 3 families in the US is dealing with this disease.



ARCHway is looking to raise a total of $20,000 in December to be used as Scholarships during the Holiday months as well as throughout 2020. We have two families who will match the first $10,000 raised so we are looking to raise $10,000 during the month. This $20,000 will provide around 40 scholarships.

·         ARCHway’s official media campaign will be December 11th thru December 18th but we are kicking off all the work right now before Thanksgiving to get the educational material in people’s hands as well as try to have over 50% of our goal raised before the blitz. In addition, the ARCHway Board has already approved releasing $5,000 in Grants as Scholarships in $500 Grants to ten different facilities ahead of this campaign. You can make a donation now to the Holiday HOPE Campaign.

Marci Smith – Avoiding Relapse During The Holidays


Listen to Peer Support Specialist Marci Smith talk about why the Holidays can be so stressful with a high risk of relapse. Marci then goes on to talk about having a prevention plan in place during the Holidays to avoid relapse. Her key prevention messages during a Holiday Event are:

·         Make sure you have an exit plan from any Holiday Event in case you start feeling uncomfortable.

·         Have a recovery support person go to the event with you.

·         Her final message is that if you feel very uncomfortable about going, just decide not to attend the event.

Marci Smith Sponsorship of the ARCHway HOPE Fund


In September Marci Smith created her ARCHway HOPE Fund Sponsorship. Her Sponsorship is currently at the Silver level. The HOPE Fund Sponsorships are the main vehicle that have allowed ARCHway to release over $250,000 in Scholarships and Educational Grants. You can learn more about Marci Smith by going to her Sponsorship Page.   Contact Jan Stuckey at if you are interested in creating your own ARCHway HOPE Fund Sponsorship.

How can you help starting right now:

Share educational material about Reducing Risk of Holiday Relapse with friends and family through Facebook, email or printed copy. Just showing your friends you understand the issues with this disease may be all it takes for them to seek help. See detailed information below.

·         If you shop on Amazon during the Holidays, please start using Amazon Smile and consider designating ARCHway Institute for Mental Health and Addictive Disorders (legal name) as your charity of choice. All donations by Amazon to ARCHway during the Holidays will be matched by our two generous families.

  •  Consider running a personal Facebook Fundraiser designating ARCHway. You can use some of the educational tools we are providing below. A great target might be to raise $100 to $500 since $500 is what a typical ARCHway Scholarship runs. It can be a great family giving opportunity and ARCHway will recognize your family on one of our Scholarship Grants. If you have questions on how to do this, please contact Dan at You can create your Personal Fundraiser right now by going to the following link.

·         Consider making a personal contribution to the Holiday Campaign knowing your donation will be going to help someone on their journey of recovering their life.

The ARCHway Team cannot thank you enough for your on-going support in helping bring HOPE and knowing people can and do get better if they have the proper support systems around them. This disease currently does not have a cure but it can be managed effectively if the support is available.

Educational & Marketing Material For Our December Holiday Campaign To Reduce Holiday Risk

Educational Materials
Below are different links to ARCHway YouTube Videos and documents that you can watch, read and share as well as download. We would like to thank our friends at Glenbeigh in Rock Creek, Ohio for providing us some of the information they share with their patients.

ARCHway Peer Support Specialists Talk About The Stress of the Holidays For Someone In Recovery & How To Avoid Relapse


Jordan Hampton – Avoiding Relapse During the Holidays

Colton Baker – Avoiding Relapse During the Holidays

Brian Sieve – Avoiding Relapse During the Holidays

Marci Smith – Avoiding Relapse During the Holidays

ARCHway – Why the Holidays are so Difficult

Why Holidays are so Difficult
ARCHway – How to Have a Safe and Sober Holiday

How to Have a Safe and Sober Holiday

Glenbeigh – A Plan to Stay Sober at Holiday Parties

A Plan To Stay Sober at Holiday Parties

Glenbeigh – Recovery During the Holidays

Recovery During the Holidays
Glenbeigh – Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Only two weeks away from our Annual Helicopter Golf Ball Drop.


There is still time to purchase golf balls by going to

ARCHway: We Believe in Recovery from the Disease of Addiction.


December 7 – Helicopter Ball Drop – Buy your golf balls now! – Carrboro, NC
December 11-18 – 2019 Holiday Hope Campaign Reducing the Risk of Relapse During the Holidays
March 20 – 2nd Annual ARCHway Charity Tennis Mixer – Charlotte County, FL
March 21 – 6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament, Lunch and Silent Auction – Charlotte County, FL
See Full Year Schedule Link



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