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SBA South Florida District Office

Upcoming Webinars & Workshops

Financial Management for Small Business – September 7 11am
The Financial Management for a Small Business module will take you on an important first step to building a better financial future for your business.
After completing this training, you will be able to:
• Explain the concept of financial management and why it is important to a small business.
• Identify financial management practices, rules, and tools that are commonly available to a small business.
• Explain the most common financial statements.
• Explain how these financial management practices, rules, and tools work.
• Explain financial management basics for a small business.
• Importance of cash flow management.
• Explain the basics of financing for start-up and growing businesses.
Financial Management for Small Business Tickets, Wed, Sep 7, 2022 at 11:00 AM | Eventbrite

How a Small Business Owner Can Dominate his/her Market Position – September 7 6pm
In this presentation, we will focus on what we consider the five key elements to make you, as a business owner, able to create value to your business offer, and in the process, fully differentiate your business from your competitors and dominate your specific market.
We will analyze why we must focus on the 20% of your business activities that generate 80% of your business results, and train you on identifying and applying the essentials of marketing and business growth fundamentals.
The target in this presentation is to help you build a robust and productive business and quickly increase your business revenue/profit rate.
How a Small Business Owner Can Dominate his/her Market Position | SCORE

What You Need to Know to Start a Business – September 8 10am
You’ve got the idea. Now you need to know how to get on your way. From how to determine feasibility and legal structures to the types of licenses you’ll need, this class covers all the essentials that will help you get started.
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Overview of SBA Programs and Services – September 8 12 Noon
This class covers the programs and services the Small Business Administration (SBA) has to offer to help you start and grow your business. Although the SBA is usually associated with loans, this overview will run through the SBA Loan Programs as well as our other programs and services including Counseling, Export Assistance, Government Contracting, Surety Bonds, Disaster Assistance, and Advocacy Services.
Overview of SBA Programs and Services | SCORE

The Top 10 Challenges of Leaders Today – September 8 6pm
100 people were surveyed and asked one question….”What is TODAY’s #1 Challenge of Leaders ?”
Coach Michael Krumpak of L4Learning Solutions ( reveals the results of his conversations with 100 people. Learn what today’s Top Leader Challenges are AND what you can do to make these challenges become a core strength.
1. LEARN: Learn the Top 10 Challenges of Leaders Today.
2. DO: Collaborate with other leaders to discuss how these challenges play out. Engage in polls and interactive discussions, hearing from others on how they are addressing these core challenges in today’s unique climate.
3. GET: A Summary of the Top Challenges and ways in which you can tackle and overcome today’s top leadership challenges.
The Top 10 Challenges of Leaders Today | SCORE

MS Excel Advanced – September 10 9:30am
This information-packed session will demonstrate with realistic examples some of the advanced functionalities of Excel, hand-picked based on our clients’ requests and based on our 20 years of experience in the IT Training industry.
This workshop will include:
• Best practices when dealing with large amounts of data in Excel.
• Step-by-step on how to perform advanced functionalities such as: protect your worksheet, quick error-finding shortcuts, and worksheets.
• Advanced formulas allowing the calculation of data based on conditions and rules (SUMIF, COUNTA, ABS, Conditional Formatting)
• Complex functions to identify the maximum or minimum values, remove or identify duplicates, conditional formatting.
• An introduction of standard Charts, Pivot Tables, and VLookup formulas.
• Learn about the functionality of Dashboards, Slicers, and Pivot Charts.
Attendees will leave the session with tips and suggestions on how to even further their advancement on Excel, while getting their work done.
MS Excel Advanced | SCORE

Cómo aprovechar el poder del Marketing Digital de forma sencilla y efectiva – September 10 9:30 am
Con el crecimiento de las redes sociales, la innovación digital ya no es un lujo, ni siquiera una opción. La necesidad de mejorar la comercialización de su marca o negocio en el entorno acelerado de hoy es inevitable.
• Cómo diseñar su “brand” o su marca en línea de forma memorable y con personalidad
• El secreto para conectarse con sus clientes a través del “Valor”
• La mejor manera de identificar y encontrar a su cliente ideal en línea
• Elementos esenciales de automatización social para optimizar su tiempo.
• La clave para entender un Plan de Redes Sociales
• La fórmula para hacer que su negocio sea más inteligente/amigable con la tecnología
• Cómo dominar sus mensajes en línea con esta sencilla técnica
• Pasos sencillos para integrar sus canales de redes sociales.
Cómo aprovechar el poder del Marketing Digital de forma sencilla y efectiva | SCORE

Franchise Expo South 2022 – September 9 or 10 10am
At Franchise Expo South, the hottest franchise brands and opportunities will be on display.
Meet face-to-face with leading franchise brands in every industry, across every investment level, and see how you can become a small business owner.
Explore the comprehensive conference program led by industry experts to gain the ins and outs and behind-the-scenes information needed for success.
Talk to the experts in person to find the right franchise business for you.
Franchise Expo South 2022 (DAY TWO) | SCORE

Sesion Informativa Programa de Navegadores Miami-Dade – September 12 1pm
Si su empresa está ubicada en el condado de Miami-Dade y su propiedad mayoritaria es de una mujer, un veterano o una persona socialmente y económicamente desfavorecida no se pierda esta sesión de información sobre nuestro Programa de Negocios Navegadores de Miami-Dade. El programa Business Navigator de Miami-Dade (MDBN) es una nueva e interesante iniciativa local financiada, en parte, a través de una subvención de la Administración de Pequeñas Empresas (SBA) de EE. UU.
El programa reúne a siete grupos locales que trabajan para ampliar su alcance y apoyar a las pequeñas y microempresas como la suya.
Regístrese HOY y descubra cómo puede acceder a consultoría, capacitación, información empresarial y recursos personalizados desde sus Business Navigators.
Sesion Informativa Programa de Navegadores Miami-Dade (

HR 101: Hiring, Firing and Other Key HR Basics for Small Business Owners – August 30 10am
If you are a business owner with employees or preparing to hire employees for the very first time, understanding the various ever-changing employment laws can feel a bit overwhelming. This webinar will help you familiarize yourself with essential HR and employment law topics that you should be aware of when it comes to recruiting, hiring, firing and everything in between.
Some highlights of what will be reviewed include:
• Employment laws are most often violated by Small Businesses
• Recruiting
• Interviewing Hazards
• Reference & Background Checks
• Onboarding
• Independent Contractor vs. Employee
• Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employee
• Discipline
• Termination
• And more…
HR 101: Hiring, Firing and Other Key HR Basics for Small Business Owners | SCORE

Help clients to understand the “industry”
Identify profitability
Determine how to get a “slice of the pie”
Develop & manage successful businesses
Sep-13 Divas In The Trucking Industry (

Building the Ultimate Business Plan – September 13 10am
Business planning is the foundation to starting a new venture, raising funds, or growing your existing business. It serves as an important roadmap for your business. Receive the basic tools necessary to complete a practical business plan in this seminar, including how to conduct the research necessary to make decisions and develop financial projections.
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Insurance 101 for Small Business – September 13 2pm
Small businesses cannot run without insurance and that’s usually because you’ll be required to buy insurance by your landlord, client or customer, especially if you’re going to their premises, city, state or federal government, and/or for licensing and permits. • Commercial Property Insurance for your Business Personal Property or Tools or Equipment or for a Building you’re building or renovating • General Liability Insurance • Workers’ Compensation • Commercial Auto • Various other Insurance Options available and how to protect yourself and mitigate risks from businesses that work under you also.
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Review Your Options, Maybe Start Your Own Business – September 13 6pm
During times like these, people often contemplate getting better control of their lives by starting their own business. You can achieve financial independence by owning your own business. Spend some time with us to look under the covers at what running your own business entails.
Review Your Options, Maybe Start Your Own Business | SCORE

Empezando su negocio en línea – September 13 6pm
Ser capaz de vender su producto o servicio en línea nunca ha sido más importante. Durante la pandemia, muchas empresas establecidas tuvieron que reinventarse y encontrar formas de ofrecer sus servicios en línea. Registrase hoy y exploraremos temas sobre cómo iniciar un negocio en línea o agregar servicios en línea a sus negocios existentes.
Empezando su negocio en línea (

How To Make Your Business Bankable – September 13 6pm
The Florida Small Business Development Center (FSBDC) at FIU and FirstBank Florida Small Business Financial Literacy Workshop Series will provide financial training from highly experienced business experts!
During these trainings, businesses will learn:
• Review of financial concepts and statements
• Maximize financial capital opportunities
• How to make your business loan-worthy
• How lenders evaluate your busines
Florida SBDC at FIU Upcoming Events (

Sourcing Capital For Your Business – September 13 6pm
Innovative strategies for getting the money you need for your business.
The goal of this workshop is to prepare you to get the funding that you need to start your business or to grow and expand it. This is an interactive seminar where participants will share their objectives with the presenter.
In this workshop, we will walk you through the basics of:
• Bank Lending
• Venture and Angel capital
• Alternative Financing Strategies
• Private Investors
The participant will leave the workshop with an understanding of what banks and investors are looking for when providing capital to small businesses. They are lending and investing!
This is a unique opportunity to get insight that is typically not available.
Resources of Banks (that are actually lending) and investors will be shared with the participants.
Sourcing Capital For Your Business | SCORE

Accounting made easy for you (An Introduction to Accounting) – September 13 6pm
The webinar will cover in greater detail the basic accounting documents that every micro-business will need to operate effectively with the use of simple examples and a case study.
Participants will learn what are the basic financial documents that all small businesses should use and its importance.
1. What is an Income Statement
2. What is a Cash Flow Statement
3. What is a Balance Sheet
4. What is a Profit & Loss Statement
Accounting made easy for you (An Introduction to Accounting) (

Why You Need to Use a Bookkeeping System – September 14 12noon
We will show you why having the correct bookkeeping system can increase your revenue!
Why You Need to Use a Bookkeeping System | SCORE

Introduction to Quickbooks – September 14 1pm
Learn how to implement and use QuickBooks Online efficiently and effectively to get to know your numbers, organize your business finances, and improve your cash flow. In this webinar, we will cover both basic and intermediate features and QuickBooks updates that will save you time and money. We will reveal common mistakes and frequently asked questions.
Introduction to Quickbooks (

Motivación del logro – September 14 6pm
Si las personas reconocen la Motivación del Logro en su vida diaria, ellos pueden practicarla conscientemente, aprender a aplicarla más eficazmente en situaciones empresariales. El concepto básico de la Motivación al Logro ha sido exitosamente aplicado en más de cuarenta (40) países que representan diversas circunstancias culturales y económicas.
Informes de experiencias indican el mérito de este seminario en mejorar el porcentaje de éxito de los Socios de Aprendizaje graduados, señalado igualmente por nuevas Fundaciones de Empresas y expansión de negocios existentes.
Motivación del logro | SCORE

How to Use YouTube To Grow Your Business – September 15 10 am
Join us and learn how to tap into the power of YouTube. Get best practices for creating a YouTube Channel and compelling video content that promotes your products and services and drives engagement with your brand.
In this session, we will explore:
• Understanding different video formats
• How to setup a YouTube channel\n
• Making good creative, and how to target and measure the results
How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Business | SCORE

Orientación a los servicios de la Administración de Pequeñas Empresas (SBA) – September 15 4pm
La Agencia Federal de Pequeñas Empresas (SBA, por sus siglas, en inglés) ayuda a propietarios y emprendedores de pequeñas empresas a lograr el sueño americano. La SBA ofrece una amplia gama de servicios y programas que el público en general no comprende.
La SBA es la única agencia federal que ofrece servicios y programas gratuitos con un enfoque en asesoramiento empresarial, acceso a capital, contratación gubernamental y ayuda en casos de desastre.
Si usted es un empresario hispano y desea obtener más información sobre estos servicios y programas en nuestra área local, regístrese para este evento.
Orientación a los servicios de la Administración de Pequeñas Empresas (SBA) Entradas, Jue, 15 sept. 2022 a las 16:00 | Eventbrite

How To Increase Sales During Uncertain Times – September 15 6pm
Learn how to get existing customers to buy. Replace customers that disappeared. Start up a pipeline of prospects.
Learn about:
• The B2B Process Sale.
• How to approach business prospects and develop trust.
• How a pipeline supports consistent new accounts.
• Growing your business by tapping your market’s potential.
• Why you must “Ask for the order”
How To Increase Sales During Uncertain Times | SCORE

Show Me the Money: Financing Your Business – September 15 6pm
Are you looking for money for your business? Are you considering a SBA loan? This seminar will help you zero in on the right funding choices for your business and avoid money scams. Our financing veteran will educate you on how to ask for a loan, get prepared for the bank and where to find money in a tight-fisted economy.
You’ll explore: • SBA loans: when, where and how to apply • How to plan your financing request to banks • Which banks are making loan • Angel investors and venture capitalists • Six Cs of credit and how credit scores affect your business • The fundamentals of royalties, licensing and supplier credit • Busting the myths about small business grants
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Diseñe una estrategia de precios cautivadora – September 17 9:30am
El precio es el elemento que garantiza la rentabilidad de cualquier negocio. Por ello debe elaborarse una estrategia de precios que no solo garantice el retorno económico y financiero esperado, sino que además conecte emocionalmente con el cliente, garantizando la compra y evitando que elijan a la competencia.
En este seminario web aprenderán sobre estrategia de precios emocional y creativo, desde la perspectiva de la neurociencia y adaptado a su modelo de negocio.
Diseñe una estrategia de precios cautivadora | SCORE

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All SBA programs and services are provided on a nondiscriminatory basis. Reasonable accommodations will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance

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