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Dear John, With this being a big election year Sandy Parker will be presenting her lecture –
Getting Ready to Vote in the August Primaries – and would like to share her knowledge
of how important your vote really is. She is passionate and informed. You won’t want to
miss her.  

Nancy Maxwell will be presenting Mary Queen of Scots on the Florida Gulf Coast University
campus, Wednesday May 8. Easy to find and free parking is readily available for you. The
classroom is in the newly built Water School Building.  

Nancy will also be presenting The Creation of Italy to you on Monday May 13 at Naples
Center or Online via Zoom. Listen to how she passionately tells you the story of how this
country came to be.  

Kent Commons will entertain you with his lecture on How the Modern Bible Came to Be
on Wednesday May 8 at Florida Gulf Coast University campus Water School Building.
Kent has a delightful approach to his lectures and is quite entertaining while discussing
some very important subjects.    

See below for more courses, details and to register for classes.  

Call our office for assistance with your registrations at 239.434.4737.  

Week of May 6 – May 10 and more
Click on any topic below to learn more.

Get Ready to Vote in the August Primaries  

May 6 | 1:30 – 3pm Monday

Bentley Village  

Florida will hold its 2024 Primary Elections on August 20. Many races will be decided
on that date; the winners in others will face off in the General Elections in November.
In this presentation, we review the state and local offices and candidates that will be
on the ballot for Collier County voters and give you a jump-start for being a more in-
formed voter.

Mary Queen of Scots  

May 8 | 1:30 – 3pm Wednesday

FGCU Main Campus – Building AB9 –
Room 106  

For love, power, intrigue and scandal you cannot beat the story of Mary Stuart! She was
Queen of Scotland at six days old, Queen of France at sixteen, and had events gone as
planned, Scotland would today be a part of France. Mary fully expected to become Queen
of England as well. Instead in a tragic twist of fate, Mary lost her head. Her life was one of
political ambition, intrigue, love, murder, plots and deception. Did Mary create her own fate
or was she a victim of much stronger outside forces?

The Creation of Italy  

May 13 | 10 – 11:30am Monday

Naples Center / Online via Zoom  

A visitor to Italy today travels freely through the magnificent cities of Florence, Naples,
Rome and Venice; but it was not always so easy. Italy is a relatively new country, and the
fabled cities may indeed be regarded as prizes, because they did not all join Italy willingly!
It took a combination of the wily statesman Camillo Cavour, the political activism of the
secret revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini, and the romantic nationalism of Giuseppe Garibaldi –
none of whom wanted to work together – to draw disparate “Italians” together. And even that
wasn’t quite enough. Napoleon III and Bismarck had something to add. This lecture looks at
the remarkable personalities and events that led to the emergence of a unified Italy in 1871. 

How the Modern Bible Came to Be  

May 13 | 1:30 – 3pm Monday

FGCU Main Campus – Building AB9 –
Room 106  

In 2007, Time magazine asserted that the Bible “has done more to shape literature, history,
entertainment and culture than any book ever written.” It’s a bold claim, but one that’s hard
to refute. But if the Bible’s standing as a cultural behemoth is beyond doubt, its history is
anything but. For centuries, some of the world’s greatest thinkers have puzzled over the
origins and evolution of this remarkable document. Who wrote it? When? Why? These are
the thorniest of questions, made even more tangled by the Bible’s great age. Join us as we
explore the origins of the bible as we know it today.    

The Week Ahead
Monday May 6
For God and Treasure: The Adventures of Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus
The Invisibility of Social Issues in Southwest Florida  

Tuesday May 7
iPhone/iPad: Tips, Tricks & Secrets of Apple’s Newest Operating System iOS 17  

Thursday May 9
CSI DNA Profiling to Genomes to Gene Editing and Therapies
Great Discussion of Current Events and More (2-part series) NEW SESSION  

Friday May 10
Finland, Norway and the Viking Discovery of the New World  

Next Week’s Previews  

Monday May 13
Warren Buffett – The Oracle of Omaha  

Tuesday May 14
The Vikings and Normans
Andrew Carnegie – Man of Steel  

Wednesday May 15
Apollo 11 – We are Going Back!
King Ludwig II of Bavaria – The Fairytale King  

Thursday May 16
Computer and Internet Security for Desktops, Laptops, Phones and Tablets
Media Perspectives: The Future is Cloudy
Apple Watch Tips, Tricks and Secrets of the New Watch OS 10  

Friday May 17
Napoleon III  

Sunday May 19 – Sunday Movie
Timbuktu (Mali, 2014, Drama, Rated PG, 96 min)      

The Arlington, Naples (AR)
Aston Gardens, North Naples (AG)
Bentley Village, North Naples (BV)
Bonita Bay Community Assoc., Bonita (BB)
Brooks Enrichment Center, Bonita (BR)
The Collaboratory, Ft. Myers (CO)
Cypress Cove, Ft. Myers (CC)
FGCU Main Campus, Ft. Myers (FG)
Grey Oaks Country Club, Naples (GR)
Hideaway Beach Club, Marco island (HB)
The Island Country Club, Marco island (IC)
Moorings Park Grande Lake, Naples (GL)
Moorings Park at Grey Oaks, Naples (GO)
Moorings Park Original Campus, Naples (MP)
Naples Center, Naples (NC)
Siena Lakes, North Naples (SL)
The Twin Eagles Club, North Naples (TE)
United Church of Marco Island, Marco (UC)
Wyndemere Country Club, Naples (WC)  

(see page 4 of the Winter-Spring 2024 Program Guide for location addresses)    

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Southern Italy & Sicily
September 4-18, 2024  
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October 31-November 18, 2024 
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Sensations of Lyon & Provence 2024
River Cruise
September 17 – 28, 2024
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Jewels of the Rhine 2024
River Cruise
September 20 – 30, 2024
11 days from $4,925   

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