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Dear John, Take a peek into our featured classes along with a look ahead.  

Mah Jongg: Gayle Dorio will show you how to bring your game to a higher level than
you have played at before. She is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate instruct-
or of the game.  

Hamas Terrorist Attacks: Tom Eastwood will share with you his plethora of information
on what went wrong in an unbiased way.  

Spanish Armada: Nancy Maxwell will present to you the facts and fiction of this import-
ant fateful battle between Spain and England.  

iPhone/iPad: Tips, Tricks & Secrets: John Guerra is a computer guru and will enlighten
you with his knowledge of how to maneuver your iPhone/iPad in an easy manner with
the most updated tips, tricks & secrets.  

Along with our featured lectures, we have many more lectures taking place during the
week you may be interested in as well. Check them out in Looking Ahead section be-



Our 2025 International Travel trips have been released. Scroll down to our travel section
below to see the plethora of offerings.  

Call our office for assistance with your registrations at 239.434.4737.


Advanced Mah Jongg Strategies (3-part series)  

June 17, 19, 21 | 10 – 11:30am Mon / Wed / Fri  

Naples Center  

Please bring your 2024 Mah Jongg Rule Card (from the National Mah Jongg League;
call 212-246-3052) and your own Mah Jongg set. Take your Mah Jongg to a higher
level. Be prepared to play hands with defensive strategies and faster decision making.
Learn when to call and when to wait. Why is this game more about looking and listen-
ing than just studying your hand?

The Failure of Israeli Intelligence in the
Hamas Terrorist Attacks – What Went Wrong?  

June 17 | 10:30 – 12pm, Monday
Presented by: Thomas Eastwood  

Naples Center / Online via Zoom  

Join a former counterintelligence officer in a discussion of the Hamas terrorist attacks
in Israel. How did Israel (and the U.S.) fail to predict the attack? Israel has some of the
best intelligence and border security policies of any nation in the world. Was it a failure
to collect the clues or were warnings misinterpreted or ignored? This lecture discusses
intelligence and military gaffes, not politics. We also examine the structure and history
of Israeli intelligence.

The Spanish Armada – A Magnificent Myth!  

June 18 | 10 – 11:30am Tuesday
Presented by: Nancy Maxwell  

Naples Center / Online via Zoom  

What a sight to behold! Hundreds of Spanish ships coursing their way up the coast of
Europe towards England. The two countries had been on a collision course for decades,
and now, in 1588, they were headed for a showdown. Spanish wealth and power, as
everyone knew (or thought they knew) was unlimited, and the Armada was supposed
to be invincible. To everyone’s surprise, the English survived, and the myths that began
around that event continue to this day. This lecture examines the facts and the fiction of
this fateful battle between Spain
and England.  

iPhone/iPad: Tips, Tricks and Secrets All Users Should Know  

June 18 | 10:30 – 12pm, Tuesday
Presented by: John Guerra  

Naples Center / Online via Zoom  

Join this lecture-style presentation to learn all the new features, upgrades and enhance-
ments of Apple’s newest operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 17. We explore tips,
tricks and secrets that make using your device easier, more powerful and efficient. All
levels from beginner to advanced users will benefit from this informative and interest-
ing program.


Week of June 17 – 21  

Monday June 17
Woodrow Wilson: An American Legacy
William “Wild Bill” Donovan  

Wednesday June 19
What Has Religion to do With Politics?  

Thursday June 20
Who Really Discovered America?
Phone/iPad Apps: Apple Mail and Safari  

Friday June 21
Get Ready to Vote in the August Primaries      

Summer Films 2024    

International Film Tuesday @ Moorings Park Grande Lake


June 18 – GL6890
A Man Called Ove (Drama/Comedy, 2015,
PG-13, 116 mins)
Ove, an ill-tempered, isolated retiree who spends his days enforcing block association
rules and visiting his wife’s grave, has finally given up on life just as an unlikely friend-
ship develops with his boisterous new neighbors.    

FGCU Academy

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2024 Travel Open House Presentation

Southern Italy & Sicily
September 4-18, 2024  
15 days for $6,674  

View Brochure

Southeast Asia Odysseys
October 31-November 18, 2024 
19 days for $7,597  

View Brochure

Sensations of Lyon & Provence
2024 River Cruise
September 17 – 28, 2024
12 days from $5,469  

View Brochure

Jewels of the Rhine
2024 River Cruise
September 20 – 30, 2024
11 days from $4,925   

View Brochure    


See our list of exciting tours and cruises for 2025. These trips will fill up fast
as they have in the past. To view more information on any of the trips listed
below – click here

Once you are on the travel page, scroll down to the trip you are interested
in to view more information and to download a brochure for that trip.  

-Cuba: Art, Culture & History In Support of the Cuban People
-Natural Treasures of Indonesia, Borneo & Taiwan Yacht Cruise
-Northern Italy: From the Alps to the Adriatic
-Journey Through Central Europe
-Insider’s Japan
-Paradores and Pousadas: Portugal & Spain
-Machu Picchu to the Galapagos
-Egypt and the Eternal Nile
-Moroccan Discovery: From the Imperial Cities to the Sahara
-Portugal and the Douro River Cruise
-Gems of Eastern Europe River Cruise Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria,

Travel Abroad with FGCU Academy  
Call our office 239.434.4737  for assistance with
registration or Click to View our Website      



FGCU Academy

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Naples, FL 34102  


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