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Henderson Franklin Legal News and Updates
Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A., is dedicated to providing regular updates to
our valued clients and the community regarding legal matters that may influence their
businesses and families. We are pleased to present articles and news shared in March
2024 for your reference and awareness.  

Real Estate

Ignorance is Bliss, But Knowledge is Power: A Recap of Market Trends 2024

On March 12, 2024, the Caloosa Sound Convention Center welcomed over a thousand
attendees for Market Trends, an event proudly sponsored by Henderson Franklin. This
year’s theme, “Ignorance is Bliss Until it Isn’t,” set the stage for a comprehensive over-
view of the real estate market’s current state and future prospects in Southwest Florida.

Experts Justin Thibaut, Denny Grimes, and Matt Simmons provided compelling insights
into the market, urging a shift from COVID-era expectations to a realistic appraisal of
today’s conditions. The emphasis was clear: informed decision-making, grounded in an
understanding of past trends and present realities, is key in navigating the evolving real
estate landscape of Southwest Florida. Click here to read a recap by real estate and land
use attorney Colten Thomas.  

Estate Planning

Will you Challenge the Will?

The decision to contest a will carries significant emotional and legal considerations.
Naples wills, trusts and estate planning attorney Anthony Cetrangelo shares the
nuances of Florida law regarding will disputes, focusing on crucial aspects such as
undue influence and testamentary capacity. Click here to read the full article.

Understanding the Duties of the Personal Representative of a Probate Estate in Florida
Taking on the role of a personal representative in the aftermath of a loved one’s
passing is a position of both honor and complexity. Probate litigation attorney
Richard Mancini provides a guide to the multifaceted duties and responsibilities
that come with this pivotal role in probate estate administration.

Whether you are newly appointed or seeking clarity on your responsibilities, this
article illuminates the key aspects of being a personal representative, from initiating
probate proceedings to the final distribution of assets. It addresses common questions
and challenges, offering essential knowledge to navigate the probate process with

Click here to read the full article.  

Employment Law

Navigating Workplace Bias Training Laws in Florida

Employment law attorney Scott Atwood dives into the Eleventh Circuit’s recent examination of
Florida’s efforts to regulate workplace diversity training laws. With the Stop WOKE Act at the
forefront, this discussion unveils critical insights into the balance between legislative intentions
and constitutional freedoms. Click here to read the full article.

As members of the local community, we extend a warm invitation to join us at
upcoming events, including:

-March 30, Charlotte County Community Foundation’s Color Hop 5K
-April 3, The Shelter Bags & Bow Ties
-April 6, Lipman Family 5K Run/Walk for Backpacks
-April 6, India Fest
-April 18, Lee County Bar Association and Family Resource Center of Southwest Florida Present:
Mastering Wellness: Spring Symposium
-April 24, Join Employment Law Chair Scott Atwood for a Legislative Update at Charlotte County SHRM
-April 25 – 28, American Veterans Traveling Tribute Wall, Lakes Park
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