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Keith Grossman Presents to Health Management Association

“Is Conflict Managing Your Workplace?” workshop offers strategies for reducing conflict and increasing productivity

Fort Myers, FL – April 4, 2014 – Continuing his series of presentations to industry associations, corporations and public gatherings, Keith Grossman, recently presented “Is Conflict Managing your Workplace?” to Health Management Association (HMA) of Southwest Florida. Founder of Grossman Law & Conflict Management, the attorney, mediator and trainer offered techniques for understanding and resolving conflict in the workplace so the business can focus on its bottom line.

HMA is an association for healthcare professionals that presents monthly educational seminars to help its members make better informed practice decisions.

The “Is Conflict Managing Your Workplace?” program is one of Grossman’s signature lecture presentations designed to enhance conflict management and negotiation skills. According to studies, unresolved conflict is responsible for up to 65 percent of workplace performance problems. Furthermore, 44 percent of managers report spending more than 20 percent of their time handling workplace conflict. Grossman’s program helps identify the costs associated with unresolved conflict and ways to effectively manage conflict to reduce those costs. Costs associated with unresolved conflict include loss of productivity, absenteeism and turnover, and grievances and litigation.

Grossman explained to the HMA membership that conflict is inevitable, but by learning the dynamics that create conflict and proven techniques to manage it, productivity and a desirable workplace culture can be preserved.

“We are all diverse in our background, beliefs, and values,” Grossman said. “We are also diverse in our people skills and abilities to communicate, and our world is becoming even more diverse each day. It is this diversity that is making conflict even more commonplace.” Rather than a threat to one’s business, conflict provides an opportunity to establish expectations for the workplace and develop skills to achieve the goals of the business.

Grossman is an engaging speaker who accepts bookings locally, statewide and nationally to talk to corporations, non-profit organizations and professional associations. In addition to his business-focused program “Is Conflict Managing Your Business,” Grossman also offers conflict management training for individuals in any kind of relationship or team. “How to Build Your Peace Chest” is another of his popular presentations.

“Developing a peace chest is a decision to focus on teamwork, problem solving, and interest-based negotiation rather than threats or power,” Grossman explained. “A strong peace chest promotes harmony, encourages self-empowerment, and provides for healing.”

For information about booking Keith Grossman to speak at your conference, leadership development meeting, retreat or classroom, or to schedule a consultation, call (239) 210-7516 or toll-free (877) 687-1392.

Attorney Keith Grossman of Grossman Law & Conflict Management has over 20 years of experience in and out of the courtroom and focuses his practice on family law, conflict management, and workplace conflict. Grossman is a Family Mediator and Civil Mediator certified by the Florida Supreme Court, a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator a former Family Law Case Manager for Court Administration, and Past President of the Lee County Bar Association. He also helped to establish and supervise the Lee County Family Case Management Program, a program designed to help families navigate the court system and reduce the conflict typically associated with the divorce process. In the area of employment law and mediation, Grossman’s services include human resources consulting, skills training workshops, facilitation for consensus building, and conflict management design and preventative practices.  Grossman Law & Conflict Management is located at 7270 College Parkway, Suite 1, in Fort Myers. For more information about family law, employment law, and conflict management services, call (239) 210-7516 or 877-687-1392, email or visit or