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NAPLES, Fla. (June 5, 2020) – Growth Development Associates (GDA) will host the “Resurgence 2020: Reclaiming Business Revenues in a Post-COVID World” small business virtual sales conference June 22-25. The live video conference will feature 16 sessions designed to help companies and business professionals acquire immediate revenue to stabilize their operations and remain financially viable. Registration for the conference is now open at

Conference registration is $595 per person and includes access to the live sessions as well as 30 days of access to the session recordings and access for one year to the Resurgence Forum to post questions, make comments, and get more information about implementing these tools in the work environment. “I’ve personally selected each topic and each panelist to make sure that from every topic you’ll leave with precise skills, tools and activities to put revenue on your books within hours of this conference,” said Eric Richardson, CEO.

Day one of the conference is all about generating immediate growth from existing accounts.  The speakers will cover topics including product upgrades, setting up big deals and quantifying value to create urgency.  Alongside panelists who used these techniques at Siemens, Tellabs, IBM and Digital Computer, the speakers will teach attendees the four questions that plan, debug, and create buying frenzies.

The second day of the interactive sales conference will ramp up the effectiveness of sales calls.  Since every sales opportunity is precious right now, small businesses can’t afford to waste even one.  Speakers will coach attendees on establishing trust and getting attention in a meeting. With the help of panelists who used these techniques at Hewlett Packard, Honda, Microsoft and Naples Luxury Real Estate, speakers will also teach tips on getting returned phone calls and voicemails.  Most important, attendees will learn how to win the deal during questioning, well ahead of any negotiation.

On the third day the focus will continue on increasing the effectiveness of sales calls.  Topics will include presenting solutions, not pitches, and showing how products and services are a perfect fit for the person being spoken with.  Panelists who used these techniques at Chrysler, Mercantile Mortgage, TransUnion and American Express will join the speakers to discuss how to close for the next step on every deal, and how to turn objections into the very reason that customers become comfortable to move forward.

Finally, day four of the sales conference will include panelists who used these techniques at the U.S. Department of Education, IDLife, Val-Kro Manufacturing and Blue Cross Blue Shield who will help attendees turn their team into highly motivated, well-coached, amped-up performers determined and committed to perform at levels even higher than before COVID-19.  Speakers will also discuss how to turn a strategic and tactical plan into business infrastructure that engages the whole company to deliver on business objectives.

About Growth Development Associates
Growth Development Associates, Inc. (GDA) is a privately-owned training and management consulting firm with consultant offices located across the United States. GDA helps organizations and individuals achieve record-level growth. GDA has served clients in more than 40 countries.  Services include strategic and tactical planning plus sales training for executives, management, sales and support personnel.  Training and reinforcement are available via classroom, online, personal coaching, and year-long video and webinar programs. Proven results include increases in sales revenue, profitability, customer growth, account retention, and employee retention. Organizations representing hundreds of U.S. colleges are using or currently exploring the integration of GDA’s curriculum into certificate and accredited courses.  GDA is also working with colleges and corporate partners to provide skills development and placement programs to fill jobs in sales and customer support.  For additional information about GDA call 800-966-4321 or visit
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Resurgence 2020: Reclaiming Business Revenues in a Post-COVID World – full conference schedule and speaker bios
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