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Currently, the foundation has three standing committees. Throughout the year, it is not uncommon for special or ad hoc committees to be formed.

Grants committee

Joe Mitchell
Committee chair

The grants committee meets periodically to review grant applications made to the Foundation. The grants committee makes recommendations to the Foundation board for ultimate approval.

Fund-raising committee

Dr. Guido Minaya
Committee chair

The fund-raising committee helps coordinate the foundations fundraising efforts. The fund-raising committee provides input to the board on event-based fundraising as well as other opportunities to raise money to support the Foundation’s mission including the following:
•      outright gifts and
•      grants from other foundations around the US looking to support the same causes that are in alignment with the Chamber’s Foundation.

Programs committee

Dean Piccirillo, CFP®, CRPS®, AIFA®
Committee chair

The programs committee is tasked with developing proposed programming opportunities for the board to consider. The programs committee coordinates closely with both the fund-raising and grants committee along with the executive committee for the foundation.