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We Provide Training in Active Shooter Awareness, Self-defense, Firearms training, and Situational Awareness

Scott Hills is a highly skilled and certified instructor and coach in various self-defense disciplines. With a comprehensive background in law enforcement and extensive training in active shooter response, self-defense techniques, firearms handling, and situational awareness, Scott brings a wealth of expertise to his classes.

One of Scott’s primary focuses is teaching self-defense techniques that rely on hand-to-hand combat rather than weapons. This approach is based on the principles and techniques employed by law enforcement professionals, ensuring practical and proven methods that can be easily learned by anyone. Scott emphasizes the importance of situational awareness and close-quarters combat skills since statistics show that approximately 86% of all attacks occur within six feet.

To help students develop muscle memory and effectively defend themselves in real-life situations, Scott incorporates repetitive training exercises into his classes. To simulate the weight and feel of a real firearm without the associated risks, he utilizes an inert firearm called SIRT from Next Level Training.

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