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Christin Collins is a magnetic, thought provoking influencer inspiring thousands to connect with their purpose, ultimate joy and love. Her relentless pursuit to improve herself has led her to open her heart to the world and share the lessons she has learned along the way – from better health and healing, to connecting people through her unique and creative charity and community. Self understanding, care and actualization serve as the foundation for this health and healing. Knowing and liking oneself is essential for health and happiness. Through this self-awareness, true healing and love occurs. By courageously pursuing the root cause of one’s discomfort, not only do we heal our minds and bodies, but we ascend to healing our family, community, environment and globe. This purpose practitioner sheds light on her message through national presentations and leadership within the health & wellness world as a hospital wellness executive. She has been described as disruptive, courageous, provocative and uncompromising. Christin continues this passionate pursuit of self-love and understanding with curiosity and wonder, to help make the world around her better, one person at a time.

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