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Southwest Florida's Best Impact Windows & Doors – Sales and Installation

A door is not just an entrance, it is the gateway to those precious moments which you celebrate in your house. A door is a symbol of welcoming, assurance, and protection. It’s Caner Impact Window’s goal to provide you with the highest quality hurricane impact windows and doors to protect what you hold so precious. We went into business in 1996, starting with Caner Electrical. We grew that business and opened Caner Air a few years later, and then in September 2019, we created Caner Impact Windows. Our heavy-duty doors and windows come with high-performance glass that ensures sturdy protection against natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, and strong air currents, as well as impacts flying debris. Caner places its customers above all and therefore offers the best assistance, smooth installation, guarantees, and unmatched quality on each of its products.

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