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FORT MYERS, FL (January 9, 2020) – In light of recent events, The Laboratory Theater of Florida is hosting a Community Holocaust Remembrance January 27th at 7 pm.
This is a solidarity-focused event to unite residents and visitors to remember the Holocaust and reflect on atrocities committed based on fear, hatred, and ignorance.
A Holocaust survivor will be joined by Jewish, Muslim, and Christian religious leaders and laypeople who will share their thoughts and experiences with patrons who will have the opportunity to not only remember, but learn and connect with others of similar and varying faiths. Attendees will have the opportunity to light an LED candle in remembrance of those whose lives were lost or forever altered by the Holocaust.
Philosopher George Santayana once remarked that “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The Laboratory Theater of Florida has earned a rare endorsement from the Florida Holocaust Museum for its efforts to ensure that these stories are told and retold in a manner that encourages unity and not discord.
Lab Theater board member Ella Nayor will moderate the discussion. Ella is a noted author and freelance journalist dedicated to inspiring change and raising awareness of just how connected we truly are in the universe.
This is a free event, with collected donations benefitting the Florida Holocaust Museum.
Reserve a seat by calling the box office at 239-218-0481.
The Laboratory Theater of Florida, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is dedicated to the promotion of the performing arts, through live performance, education, community outreach, experimentation, and the development of ensemble work. The company features ensemble productions, produces classic works, takes artistic risks, which both feature and challenge local performers. For more information visit or the physical location at 1634 Woodford Avenue, in the Fort Myers River District.

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