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CEO Today Magazine Awards USA 2018 CEO to Sissil Dep of Oceana Global Logistics in Fort Myers, FL

January 4, 2019: Respect is the cornerstone belief that has guided Sissil Dep, CEO and Director of Sales of Oceana Global Logistics, in building a firm foundation for success in the field of global logistics. The challenge he welcomes is to create an atmosphere of confidence and agreement with customers, colleagues and even with competitors. Competition, he feels, helps improve services as the ability to respect and learn from others engenders competence and trust in a rapidly growing global industry.

Sissil, a self-effacing 45-year-old CEO, cites teamwork, cooperation and conflict resolution as the keys to business acumen. With foresight and expertise, he has established a full-service company that has grown from ground zero into the successful operational logistics firm of today, handling multi-million-dollar accounts and shipments on international waters. Frequent travel demands take Sissil to worldwide locations such as India, Malaysia, and UAE as well as several logistics conferences this past year, including FIATA/India, WCA/Singapore and Pangea/Germany. Attending these conferences allows this peripatetic CEO to promote education and understanding regarding logistics solutions in the US market.

Overcoming commercial obstacles is Sissil’s forte. The persistence and positivity that “nothing is impossible” has positioned Oceana as a successful troubleshooter and mediator within the confines of industry regulations. If original project expectations cannot be met, it is incumbent upon the company to provide a realistic and achievable plan to meet customer goals within timely parameters. According to Sissil, learning from mistakes, meeting them forthrightly and working on resolutions are integral to success. This persistent problem-solving framework is another hallmark of the service that Oceana Global builds upon to ensure its growing success rate.

Sissil credits company employees with business success, citing that it is competency in logistics functioning and contribution of all Oceana team members that allows innovative solutions to provide project completion in a timely and satisfactory manner to all concerned parties.
Sissil’s approach to sales is a personal one, often overcoming communication barriers by sharing commonalities in interests such as musical preferences as well as the international language of the industry. Finding connection with others begins Oceana’s service of fulfilling customers’ industrial and commercial needs, and makes the global logistics connections possible. When confronted with obstacles in the delivery process, Sissil’s mediation of dissonant objectives often shifts impossibilities to possible fruition. His humility and modesty encourage the involvement of all parties to “get the job done right.” The reward of a job well done is the satisfaction that Sissil enjoys as much as a glowing company reputation and financial gains.

Born in Sri Lanka, Sissil immigrated to the United States permanently many years ago. His prior experience in his country of origin was in the bank industry, and his initiation into the logistics field began in New York. Recognition of his astute mathematical prowess and unwavering work ethic soon earned him opportunities to utilise exceptional skills in accounting and finance in the freight industry. These experiences provided the firm foundation on which Oceana Global is built. His 24/7 availability allows little time for relaxation, but he enjoys music and ballroom dancing for stress reduction, achieving many accomplishments in this leisure pursuit as well.

Sissil’s outlook for the future is optimistic and innovative. His vision for sustainable, long-term growth is to create impactful strategies to meet expanding global demands. By maintaining outstanding performance in the industry, Oceana is paving the way to a long and successful business life.

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