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Captains For Clean Water is launching a campaign urging Big Sugar to drop their lawsuit against the federal government over the EAA reservoir—a keystone Everglades restoration project intended to:

  • help maintain Lake Okeechobee at healthier levels
  • restore the ecology of the Everglades
  • balance salinities in Florida Bay
  • recharge the aquifer that provides drinking water for millions of Floridians
  • mitigate the harmful lake discharges that devastate Florida’s economy and coastal ecosystems

If Big Sugar is successful in the lawsuit, they could push to use the EAA Reservoir as their personal taxpayer-funded water supply, upending years of restoration progress and increasing the chances of MORE damaging coastal discharges, MORE toxic algal blooms, and MORE economic and environmental peril.

The future of Florida’s waterways are at risk, so it’s critical that we rally the public to sign CFCW’s petition urging Big Sugar to withdraw their lawsuit, allowing the EAA Reservoir to be used for it’s intended purpose. View the petition:

Full details in the press release below. Please reach out with any questions. Thanks for your time!

Captains For Clean Water urges Big Sugar to drop their lawsuit
over the EAA Reservoir Ongoing lawsuit threatens Everglades
restoration progress and future of Florida’s waters.

Read the full press release.

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