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You got the email-we’re offering 20% off class registration through the month of February!
Celebrate your love of creativity and join us for the FREE Family-Friendly Sweet Art Party
on February 10 to see what we’re all about.  

From workshops to series to digital arts, the Alliance has something for everyone young at

Don’t forget, registration is open NOW for our Spring Break Arts Retreat Camp.        



Two-Day Watercolor Pencil Workshop
February 24 & 25, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm • Water-soluble colored pencils combine the precision
and control of pencil drawing with the fluid possibilities of watercolor paint. Have fun exploring
the many ways these versatile drawing tools can be used – wet or dry, alone or for mixed media.  
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Two-Day Workshop: Koru Mosaic (16+)  

Two Thursdays, Feb. 8 & 15 • Join mosaic artist, Nancy Mayhew, and
learn how to make a mosaic version of the Koru and to create your own
beautiful, unique and meaningful piece.  

The koru (Māori for ‘loop or coil’) is a spiral shape based on the appear-
ance of a new unfurling silver fern frond. It is an integral symbol in Māori
art, carving and tattooing, where it symbolizes new life, growth, strength
and peace.    

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Continuing Series

Children’s Book Illustration: Bringing Tales to Life  

Four Thursdays, February 1-22, 6-8:00 pm • In this extended series,
published children’s book creator and artist, Oliver Dominguez, will
guide you through the detailed process of creating a children’s book.  

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Creative Writing for Wellness  

Six Wednesdays, February 14-March 20, 6:30 – 8:30 pm • Are you stressed
and looking for an artistic outlet? Creative writing has been used as a tool for
developmental and therapeutic purposes for centuries.  

Join English instructor Cara Coble for a creative writing for wellness series to
explore elements of personal and narrative writing which promote health and
well-being. The course will explore poetry, expressive writing, creative journal-
ing, personal narrative, narrative arc, character building, world building, and
developing and editing your first draft.  

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Painting with Francesco (18+)
Evening Instructed Life Drawing with Francesco (18+)
Children’s Book Illustration
Are You Stuck?
Instructed Life Drawing with Francesco (18+)
Hula Dance (10+)
Evening Instructed Life Drawing with Francesco (18+)
Larger Than Life Watercolors (16+)
Koru Mosaic Two-Day Workshop
Members Only Photography Club
Discovering SoulCollage
Sweet Art Party
Step-by-Step Batik-Pelicans, the Gathering
Fine Art Acrylic A
Zentangle for the Seasons
Fine Art Acrylic B
Creative Writing for Wellness
Beginner Bonsai
Fridays with Francesco: White Chalk (18+)
Back to Basics Acrylics:
Beginning Zhostovo
Beyond Basics Acrylics
Fluid Art: The Dustpan Pour
Mixed Level Belly Dance
Beginner Belly DanceHula Dance (Ages 10+)
Fridays with Francesco: Painting with a Limited Palette (18+)
Two-Day Workshop: Discover Watercolor Pencil
Mind, Body & Soul Mini Retreat
Watercolor Painting (16+)
Watercolor Wild Nest
Ceramic Coil Building Workshop
Mosaic Mania (16+)    

Youth Classes


Intro to 3D Modeling Using Blendr (Ages 10-15)  

Four Saturdays, February 3-24, 10:00 am- Noon • Using Blendr, the internet’s favorite
3D creation software, students will learn what Blender can do, how to use the program and
design our very own character/scene in 3D!   By the end of the course, students will have a
completed character model/scene, but even better, they will have the tricks they need to make
their own characters, scenes, worlds and more on their own computers at home!  

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Intro to 3D Modeling Using Blendr (Ages 10-15)
Beginner DrawingManga Night (Ages 12-18)
Art Seekers: K-3rd
Art Seekers: PreK
Art Seekers: 4th-6th
Friend-Swift Bracelets
Hula Dance (Ages 3-9)
Make a Holiday Gnome
Free Family ArtLab
Scrunchie Making Workshop-Intro to Sewing (Ages 9-13)          

For Children and Families


Free Family ArtLab  

Saturday, February 17, 10:00 am- Noon • Make creativity part of your family routine the
3rd Saturday of each month during Family ArtLab! Drop in for free, hands-on family fun from
10 a.m. to noon. Explore something new every month like art making, gallery activities, games
and more – all inspired by artworks on view in the gallery, famous artists, national holidays and
artistic traditions around the world. All ages and abilities are encouraged to participate.  

February’s project will explore using colored pencils.  

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Registration now open for our Spring Break Arts Retreat Camp!


Instructor Spotlight


Tiani Rosado   Tiani Rosado has been teaching at the Alliance for two years.
After a lifetime of being an artist, five years in education and wrapping up a
six-month business course, she felt confident in submitting a class proposal.
“I heard many great things about the Alliance and couldn’t wait to begin my
journey here!”  

In addition to serving as Instructor for our Art Camps, Tiani teaches several
classes. Her favorite thing to teach is Family ArtLab on the third Saturday of
every month. Tiani says “I enjoy this one the most because it’s a true testament
of what the Alliance is all about- family, community and art. It’s also a great way
for people to feel connected to the main gallery, as each project is inspired by the
artwork hanging that month.”  

Tiani’s students may be young (she works mainly with students ages 7-15), but
she has definitely learned from them! “The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my
students is to push the boundaries of each project, some of the most brilliant
creative ideas are the ones that seem rebellious.”
  The Alliance is proud to have Tiani inspiring our emerging artists!

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